STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag



"A slim, yet stylish solution to carry your laptop, tablet, phone and daily accessories. Multiple pockets to manage the digital necessities, the linear holds and carries your 13" laptop in stylish protection.  Throw your iPad and the rest of your sundries and head off into the daily commute. 


*New tech cell provides for laptop, tablet, and charging accessories all in a soft-lined and strategically padded section
*Organisational pocketing for biz cards, pens and keys
*Comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap for the long haul
*Luggage pass through secures the bag to the handle of your wheeled travel piece linear
*Soft-lined zip pocket for phone, sunnies, camera, etc.
*Front hit of reflective for dusk or nighttime safety
*Designed to fit most 13" laptops"

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Posted by Jason McIsaac

When I worked as a Channel Rep for a Telco Company I used my STM Laptop Bag, it was awesome as I was able to store a load of stuff like my work laptop, Tablet, display dummy phones, tool kits, backup Multi-tools, security stands, brochures and training material. Now that I am an at home dad looking after my kids and tidying up the house I find I’m not using the STM Laptop bag at all as it is very large. As you can see in the photo below the 15" Laptop bag is almost twice the size of the 13" Linear bag. 


About a month ago I bought a Surface Pro 3 i3 64GB, I love this Laptop/Tablet and all it brings, but what do I carry it in if I go out and about for the day? Do I carry it in hand? Do I get a large Backpack?


I’ve tried carrying my Surface Pro 3 in hand around both my local shopping centre and to my kids school it is heavy after a while as I do use a heavy duty Rugged Case, for quick trips it's ok, but for longer one not very practical, so what do I need? A small shoulder bag that is not to big, but yet has a lot of space and options, after checking different sites I came back to STM as I loved my old STM Bag, I able to find a 13” Laptop bag called the Linear. Here are the Specs of the Linear bag to compare to what you are currently using or maybe want to use it for.




main material(s): 300D velocity poly
lining: 200D water resistant polyester (laptop: 200g brushed nylex)
device space: 8.9 x 12.7 x 0.9 in / 22.7 x 32.5 x 2.4 cm
outer dimensions: 13.9 x 10 x 3.1 in / 35.5 x 25.5 x 8 cm
capacity: 610.2 cu in / 10 L
weight: 0.9 lb / 0.45 kg

Review Unit Arrived

I got my items in about 4 days, that's great, considering that we have a saying here in Western Australia that WA stands for "Wait Awhile", and I've had packages take over 10 days just to come from Sydney, to make it worse one item arrived from the USA before one from Sydney as well. So just so refreshing to finally been able to review a local Companies product. I received an extra item from STM the Dux Case for the Surface Pro 3 used my Benchmade HK Ally combo blade to open the parcel.


Introducing the STM Linear Bag 

Here is Brooke from STM to show you what the STM Linear 13" Laptop Shoulder Bag looks like. Easier than me doing the same video and she's a lot prettier than me

First Impressions

My first impressions of the Linear bag is I’m impressed, the look and feel of the bag is awesome I have the black one it just fits into my colour choices, I like that it has a three large pockets inside with a padded main one at the back for your 13” Laptop/Tablet for me that will be the Surface Pro 3, in front of that pocket you have a another pocket for your smaller tablet, the pocket is identifed with a small tablet image sewn into the pocket, I tried my old iPad 2, it fits nicely in there and it has soft material to protect the device, so no chance of it being knocked against the laptop behind it and being damaged.


I am familiar with STM’s range of bags as I looked over them at JB Hi-Fi here in Perth and as stated I own the larger 15” Laptop bag, which is on the large side to carry as part of my EDC (Everyday Carry), I think that the Linear will be slotted in as my main EDC bag and enable me to carry a wide range of items with a small footprint. Check further down in my review to see what I carried for my first tests.


The workmanship of the bag is in my option very well made, very sturdy and looks like it will put up with a lot of wear and tear, my other bag is almost 3 years old and still looks brand new and I used it a lot when I was working as a Channel Rep visiting Telco stores and carrying it from my car and around shopping centres, also used it when my family went on a cruise in April, I think the Linear would have been a better choice just purely on the size and weight, would have made it easier to move around a busy store and not bump it against stands or people.


With the smaller sized bag I had less stress on my should even when I had both my Surface Pro 3 and iPad 2, I think that it being smaller and fitting nicely into the small of my back it was more balanced and didn’t swing as much.



Up Close and Personal

With all the STM bags I've looked and the two that I own, I have found that the workmanships is excellent with no loose threads or stiching looking messy, as you can see in the below photo both the Linear and large 15" bags I own have the STM badge and a Hi-Vis Strip so if walking at night and you have the bag swang over your shoulder and in the small of your back you are more likely to be see by a car, motorbike or even push bike. 


Ok you have your Surface Pro 3 or other Laptop/Tablet and you need access it on a regular bases and want it to be easy to get it in and out of the bag, well the Linear bag has a one push click system and is just so easy to use, and can even been opened one handed.


If you have ever used a shoulder bag then you will know that the strap will twist and can be a pain as you have to adjust it and it seems to just want to twist even more, with the Linear bag STM have added an Anti-Twist technology to the shoulder strap, I have used this before on my other STM bag it was a god send especially when I knocked it on a desk when I walked past it or if on the train it was knowked about by other people getting off the train.


For me the Linear bag meets and exceeds my expectations it is some compact and both in size and in thickness, it sits nicely in the small of my back when carrying in across my body, even when carried over my right shoulder it just works so well. I have use the Linear bag pretty much most days from taking my Surface Pro 3 & iPad in the car while waiting for my son to finish school, going to the local Shopping Centre (Mall) or just going out with the Family.


So far I have carried the following items in the pack ( See Photo below showing Content).



1.     STM Linear 13” Laptop Shoulder Bag

2.     Surface Pro 3

3.     Apple iPad 2

4.     Bic Mini Lighter

5.     Ontario Rat 2

6.     Leatherman Sidekick

7.     KinFire Tactical Flashlight



This would be a light carry for me in regards to what is in the pack, my other EDC gear was pocket carried that day which included the following items


·       Leatherman Surge

·       Benchmade HK Ally Combo blade

·       Fenix E12 Flashlight

·       Key|Smart + TEC-A3 Glow Fob + Car Key

·       Ultimate Key Chain:

o   TEC P-7 Suspension Clip


o   TEC Python Clips (x5)

o   Cold Steel Micro Recon 1

o   Leatherman Brewzer

o   Leatherman PS4

o   County Comm 3” Pry Bar

o   Led Lenser K2



Over the coming weeks and months I will most likely add more to the pack like a small FAK (First Aid Kit), County Comm 4” Pry Bar, Pen, Note book.

What I carried in the Linear bag.

One thing that I liked a lot about the Linear bag is that it has three main pockets internally which gave me an option to place my Type Cover into the bag out of the way and protected while I used the SP3 in Tablet mode.

Testing the Linear bag carrying it around for the day

Here is a collection of Photo's I took of the STM Linear bag...

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

Dedicated Tablet pocket

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear - Pocket

STM Linear - Pocket

Pocket is great for your wireless mouse.

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

Large Pocket for your 13" Laptop

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

Easy to get your Laptop in and out

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

Large Pockets

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

Main 13" Pocket

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

Key attachment inner pocket

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

Outside pocket great for Smartphone or Reading Glasses.

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

STM Linear 13" Laptop Bag

Secure buckle and straps

My Conclusion

Would I recommend the STM Liner 13" Laptop Bag, yes and here are the main reasons


  • Tough and padded bag that adds further protection for your devices

  • Great Size to accomodate a 13" Laptop and a Tablet.

  • Extra storage for Pens, Mouse and other EDC Gear

  • Comfortable to carry

  • 5 Colours to choose from


 I tried to find any real negatives but just couldn't personal see any faults it ticked all my boxes, the Price might be a bit high for some but when you add all the advantages of the bag it will be a good investment.


Who would benefit from this bag?


Business Professional: The Linear is sleek and business like and can be carried over the shoulder or by the carry handel, it even has a strap that can be placed over the handle of your Suit case when traveling through the Air Port or getting to your Hotel.

Student College/Uni: For a student that needs a bag that is small, light and easy to carry should have a look at the Linear as it will give them the flexibility to carry a laptop/tablet, mouse, books, reference material and a pen and note books. And with a great range of colours as per below STM have you covered.


At Home Dad/Parent: This is my section and as an at home dad who is always on the run be it taking the kids to school, daughters dancing classes, supermarket shopping or even to the local shopping centre, the Linear meets and I can say hand on heart exceeds my expectations.


So check out STM's wide range of bags and cases for your Laptops, Tablets and much more.







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