The RIT (Rapid Intervention Tool)

Posted by Jason McIsaac



 The RIT -every day carry multi tool, that combines:



  • 1/4" 3/8" 7/16" and 1/2" Wrenches

  • Wingnut Wrench,

  • (2)1/4" Bit Drives (lanyard hole),

  • (2) Bottle Openers,

  • Twist top opener,

  • Oxygen Tank Wrench,

  • Glass Breaker,

  • Spanner Wrench to take apart Firehose.



Source: Steelwoodunion


You can find a lot of single piece multi-tools on the Internet and lot of them can be found on Instagram or Kickstarter, I recently reviewed the Titanium Crocobiner and loved the concept of a simple tool that has so many options and uses, however it’s trying to find one that has the right amount of tools, that is easy to carry and feels good in the hand when using it.

I had seen a single piece multi-tool on Instagram for some time and it was on a mates Instagram feed Scott @candle_power and it is called the RIT (Rapid Intervention Tool) and it was made by Marcus @steelwoodunion, it actually looks like a Firefighter with his hat on, now this is not by accident Marcus is a Firefighter in the USA.

The RIT is handmade in Texas, USA from Stainless steel, there are some custom options which are shown on Steel Wood Unions Etsy page here, they are special made so you will need to check for availability, Some of the of the Powder Coat colours shown on his website include – Green, Black, Tiffany Blue, Yellow & Red. So what does the RIT bring to the table in regards to tools?

* 1/4" 3/8" 7/16" and 1/2" Wrenches
* Wingnut Wrench,
* (2)1/4" Bit Drives (lanyard hole),
* (2) Bottle Openers,
* Twist top opener,
* Oxygen Tank Wrench,
* Glass Breaker,
* Spanner Wrench to take apart Firehose.


So is the RIT just a Cool Tool or is it a Real Tool? I was asked this on Instagram a few weeks back here is my response I posted –


“It’s like any EDC gear it's there to do a job when and if you need it. It is a cool tool and everyone who has one is proud to carry it and support a great guy like Marcus @steelwoodunion also a great guy @candle_power bought me this #RIT  for me and it was shipped of 10,000 miles to get to me here in Perth, so I carry it also as a reminder to #payitforward and just in case some arse leaves his/her kids in a car on a 40oC day I know I WILL have a tool that can help. Hope that answers your question have a great night/day bro 👊”


Now I know from my own EDC (Everyday Carry) items that I carry them for those times I need a tool to fix or complete a job for in some cases an Emergency, some will say “why do you need a flashlight during the day?”, well I have had to use a flashlight to find some very tiny screws on a store floor, to also checking a smartphones USB port for corrosion, so using the same model on the RIT… it’s there IF and WHEN I need it, I have been lucky so far that I haven’t need to use it, but you never know, the main two tools I would use on the RIT are the Bottle Openers and the Glass breaker, we get very hot here in Perth over summer and we have stupid dumb parents that decide it’s better to leave their sleeping child in the car for 5 mins or so that wake them up and put them in a stroller (where they are more than likely to fall back to sleep any way, at least my three kids did).


So you come across this 15 month old asleep or maybe now awake as it is climbing up to 40oC and the windows of the car are all up, what do you do? You try and hit the front driver’s side window with your fist, Ouch and maybe a few broken fingers or at the least very bruised knuckles but still no access to the car, what else is lying around that you could use? Nope no large stones or pieces of wood… maybe try and jimmy the door open? Wire coat hanger or Plastic cable? Call the Police who might get there in say under an hour. But let’s say you are walking by and you have a RIT on you you step forward and take control of the situation and smash open the front window to unlock the door, you are now the Hero! This could also happen at a car crash.


I know that I am prepared for any of these situations.



The Grip

Here are some awesome pics of the different ways you can "Grip the RIT" for that emergency or opening that cold one on a Hot Summers day. This is is the Bottle Opener Grip... or using the Wrenchs. 



Here are some photo's of my RIT and one of my mate Scott's RIT.

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