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The Skinth was born from a need to have a slim but capable multitool sheath/pouch. Skipping out on padding and unnecessary bulk, the Skinth Plus maintain a full array of pockets and tool options for the everyday gadget guru. The Skinth Plus is handmade from 1000D PU CORDURA® nylon and v70 nylon thread.


The Skinth Plus has room for a 4.5″-5″ tool (interior 1.75″ wide, .75″ and 4.5″ long). The side tubes measure 1″x3.5 (tapered), closed by a .75″ wide nylon strap. By default, these tubes are closed at the bottom unless specified in the additional comments. Each Skinth Plus features our PentaPocket system which allows for small object organization. Each Custom Skinth is made from the ground up, production time may take up to 30 business days prior to shipping. 

NOTE: The Skinth Plus has had some changes since this review was completed, namely the velcro Side straps.

Posted by Jason McIsaac

Well I finally updated my Skinth OG to the Plus with Ninja Black Stainless Steel belt clip, here is my review and how its going for me so far..




Let me introduce the Skinth Plus, it is a bit larger than the OG I also have which is good thing if you are carrying the Surge like me, the OG did fit the Surge and there is one thing it does better than the Plus which I will explain later on. I just love the simple yet elegant black look and for me it matches well with my black uniform.

When I saw one of the Eric's (Skinth Master and Guru) post about changing the Silver Stainless Steal belt clip to Ninja Black I had to ask, and I was rewarded. Thanks Eric looks awesome.



I must admit that I am hooked on EDC be it Leathermans (I own 5 now) or Skinth Sheaths (now at two, looking at a Third). Here are some photo's up close.

When I was using the Skinth Plus I had the Led Lenser P3 & Leatherman Brewzer in the Side Tube.

On the other side I had my Leatherman Micra and the Leatherman Bit Extender.



I thought I would complete a step by step of my load out for my Skinth Plus and show you where all my EDC stuff goes.


(1) First off my Leatherman Surge, this goes in the main pocket, I will explain latter why I have to have a small lanyard on the Surge.

(2) Next is the Leatherman Brewzer next to the Surge, I have tried it one of the front pockets but it is just way to tight against the Bit Kit card.

(3) Next to the LM Brewzer in the left Tube is the Led Lenser P3, I have the torch face down it fits better for me and protects the lens.

(4) My little but strong Leatherman Micra in the Right side tube, I think I will be swapping it out for a Bic Black lighter and putting the Micra on my LM Carabiner with my Chipped Car Key.

(5) Back to the middle section and my 21 Bit Kit card goes in, now it's getting a bit tight. Also it doesn't go down as far as I thought it would or should it sticks up a bit could also be contributing to Surge being tight.

(6) Almost there and the Bit Extender goes next to the LM Micra.

(7) Finally in the two small pockets the Diamond File for the Surge and a Small wrench.



Ok here is why I have to have the small Lanyard on the Surge, IT"S TIGHT! Yes once I add the Bit Kit to the front pocket I can NOT pull out the Surge at all (2nd Photo), just about ripped a finger nail off trying, if the BIt Kits is not installed then I can sort of grab it and pull it out, now I am hopefully putting this down to the fact this is a Virgin Case and needs to be broken in.


The Skinth OG sheath I was using before was actually not designed for the Surge in mind more for the Wave, Rebar, Charge TTi etc, however I found it great as the Surge stuck out a good fingers width above the lip of the sheath allowing me to pry it out of the case. The Plus however I have three options -


(1) Push the Surge up from the bottom of the Sheath with one hand and pulling it out with the other,

(2) Not carry the Bit Kit card (which I need).

(3) Add a small lanyard to the Surge to pull it out. Option three it is.



So what do I think about the Skinth Plus?

Well I love it, even with the small concern about how tight the Surge is in there. It's still new so it gets the benefit of the doubt. I am find it just that much better than the OG sheath, but I think that it's all due to the Belt clip. My old OG still has some life in it and has gone to my Wife to carry my LM Wingman I gave her with her SAK Classic and SAK Spartan.


So what do I like about it?


* The Size: Such a compact size it fits perfectly into my Work and Personal life style. Not bulky or gets in the way.

* Style: Yes in fact it has so much Style that it could almost be considered Art.

* Design: A lot of thought, perseverance and dedication has gone into the concept and rendering of each and every Skinth.

* Practical Use: By adding the Belt clip I can now get in and out of my car easier, I can change out stuff with out have to reach around, I can use it wearing shorts (with out a belt).

* Load Out: Well this speaks for itself being able to condense all of those tools in to one tidy, elegant, compact, easy to carry, portable workshop on my Belt.

* Weight: Ok I had to put this down as most people say no way you can't or shouldn't carry a LM Surge on your belt its a "Car" / "Backpack" / "Trolley" tool, in my books No way with my Skinth OG and now Plus it's perfect, ok it's 20oz which I find is more than ok, even attached to my shorts (no Belt).



Will I buy again?


Well hell yeah, I have a bonus coming through in a couple of weeks so I will most likely air mark some of that to another one, I am thinking about the Skinth Magnum as I would like to carry my Sidekick and Surge together if possible...


Thanks everyone for reading this and hopefully you enjoyed the photo's and if you are new to Skinth you wont be for long.