Skinth Solutions Magnum Sheath



The Skinth Magnum is a capable accessory pouch with a full array of pockets and tool options for the everyday gadget guru


The Skinth MG can house the largest of tools, even the venerable Leatherman MUT. The Skinth MG is a combination carry sheath with an internal buffer, dividing the main compartment into 2. The main compartment of  The Skinth MG is 2.75″ wide, 1.5″ deep and 5″ long (divided into 2 compartments). The side tube pockets are 1.25″ in diameter and 3.5″ long (tapered).


Each Skinth is hand made from 1000D PU coated CORDURA® nylon and v70 nylon thread. Each Custom Skinth is made from the ground up, production time may take up to 30 business days prior to shipping. 

Posted by Jason McIsaac

I have been thinking on how I would load out my Magnum from the time I ordered it and it arrived and after speaking to Eric what I could and couldn't fit in the side tubes, I was originally looking at putting my Sidekick in the Right Tube, but since I got my Ontario Rat M2 that has lived there instead and the Sidekick went back to my back pocket.


By adding the knife I get the best of both worlds the Surge as my MT, the Rat M2 main EDC knife (Surge will be backup), Fenix E12 light (no back up on me but in the car is a Monarch 6 2x AA torch), then added support with County Comm  4" Pocket Pry Bar, Bit Extender / Bit Card and Leatherman Brewzer, plus the TEC Centipede.



Here is the current Skinth Family I have in the house, just for size comparison for those still deciding on which Skinth to get, from left to right Skinth Magnum, Skinth Plus, Skinth OG and Skinth L-Shield. Some days I want a simple size so I go for the L-Shield for those days I am going to be away from the house for a good part of the day then the Magnum gets used.

The Magnum is a very large Skinth compared to the OG and Plus, but that's the reason you get this Skinth is that you want it large enough to put all your EDC tools in one go. As you can see from the above tools I was able to carry a large amount, most people that look at the Magnum say looks good then I open it up and take all my tools out and they are like are you kidding me you got all that in the compact case? Yes I did.

Please note my Magnum has had a Mod thanks to seeing this done on another EDCF's Members XL, added two 2" loops for a Pen and Sharpie. I used this option with a standard pen and sharpie, however would work better with a Space Saver Pen and Mini Sharpie, I have even attached my Ontario Rat M2.

Left side tube has my new Fenix E12, and it fits beautifully, easy to get in and out of the tube and the flap is no problem at all, in fact I would advise to get any of the Skinth's from OG, Plus and XL all with the flap just keeps you tool in place, the Pen fits perfectly also in the side webing

Right side Tube with the Ontario Rat M2 and black Sharpie pen.

I went with the Belt Clip, learned from the OG sheath that I have which came with the Belt Loop, just hinders you if you have to take it off the belt in a hurry as you have to undo the belt, both my Plus and Magnum have the clips, would have liked it in the Ninja black but it stills looks awesome.




Well most people wouldn't or don't like to carry to much on there belts, but I am happy to, I used to do security patrols years ago and used to carry a 3 Cell Mag-lite torch plus SAK Picnicker plus a FAK in a small pouch. So this is nothing. This carry is lighter now that i have taken out the Sidekick for the Ontario Rat M2 and the LED Lenser P3 has gone to my Son.