Ram Mount X-Grip for iPhone 7 +

Posted by: Jason McIsaac

My Personal review of the Ram Mounts X-Grip for iPhone 7 Plus


I have been looking for a secure windscreen mount for my iPhone 7 Plus for awhile, as the current ones I have kept falling off the windscreen, and sometimes while I was driving. I had seen Ram Mounts before and thought the idea was good, but didn't realise how good they where until I got this review unit. 

So I have been testing the X-Grip for around three weeks, and have put the X-Grip through its paces, from bouncy roads, to speed bumps, to tight corners and a warm Winter morning (direct sunlight) and the X-Grip has stay put on the windscreen, in fact my Dash Cam came off when my car was parked at Rockingham Hospital while I visited my wife and the X-Grip was still attached and it was still rock solid.

Here is a video of how the X-Grip to install the cradle and how strong it is. 

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