Review: Navman MiVue 358 - Dash Cam

I have used the Navman MiVue 358 Dash Cam before when I was a Channel rep for a Telco company, and gave the unit to my wife after I left the job and she started her new job that left me with no Dash Cam and as I had taken over the School run with all the crazy drivers dropping off and picking up kids I needed a camera so my Wife and Kids got me another MiVue 358 for Father's Day.


Navman has three models in the MiVue range Info courtesy of

MiVue 338

The compact MiVue338 In-Car Camera houses a 120 degree wide-angle lens that records high-quality, highly-compressed video in 720p HD resolution. Photo Mode allows you to collect close-up photo evidence following an accident or event, while the built-in G-Shock Sensor and Event Recording makes sure you’ll never miss those critical moments.


MiVue 358

The Navman MiVue358 In-Car Camera is packed full of state-of-the-art features to protect you from fraudulent accident claims. With videos recorded in 1080p Full HD through a 120 degree wide-angle digital video camera lens optimised for all lighting conditions, you won’t miss a single detail during those critical moments.


MiVue 388

The Navman MiVue388 In-Car camera offers drivers more detail including direction travelled, exact location and speed with its in-built GPS receiver. The 1080p Full HD recording can also capture road rage incidents or capture a scenic route. With all the great features of the MiVue 358 dashboard camera, plus GPS Tracking and 360 degrees rotating mount design, this unit will not miss anything unexpected.


Navman MiVue 358 - Review

Here is my review of the MiVue 358 and what I like and personal thoughts. I decided to go for the 358 as I didn't need the GPS tracking and the 360o rotating mount wasn't a requirment I needed as the main footage I was wanting to recorded is the front of me.


(Info courtesy of


Screen: Size2.4” LCD

Size: 63 x 66 x 28mm

Memory: MicroSD Card Only (min 8GB)

Memory Expansion: MicroSD (max 32GB)

Package Contents

* MiVue 358 In-Car Camera Recorder

* In-car Charger

* Windscreen Mount

* CD Software


* 1 Year Warranty

The MiVue 358 uses a MicroSD card for it's memory so you will need to get bewtween an 8GB and 32GB ard to store the video's on, I bought a 32GB card for both units we have, the device will just re-write over video's already recorded.

On the right side of the MiVue 358 is the Charger port and HDMI port


On the Left hand sife is the MicroSD card slot and power button


The charging cable is very long so can you can run it from a back set charging socket.


At the bottom of the 358 is four buttons that control four menu buttons on the screen left to right - Menu | Play Back | Stop | Emergnecy Capture, the Emergency capture button allows the device to continually record rather than 3 or 5 mins sections. This will come in handy if you are involved in an accident.


At the top is a LED that flashs red to notifiy you the device is recording and you also get the time and resolution type HD or full HD, on the right side you have Record cabin sounds and battery level.


The Suction up is strong and has great connection to the window screen.


For more info visit JB Hi-Fi or Navmans websites