PRESS RELEASE: Reign by JayBird. Your life by Activity. Tonights Sleep. Get a spark with Go-Zone.

With busy lifestyles and a more on the go nature of our lives how do we keep up with physical well being? What should I EDC that can register my activity and even sleep patterns?

I have used JayBird’s Bluetooth headsets from the Freedom Sprint, Sportsband 2 (SB2) and Buds go Blue. They are one of the best headsets on the market in my personal view and I use my SB2 a lot listening to movies and music on my Nokia Lumia 930.

JayBird leaps past movement counting and solves real active lifestyle needs. Activity: Your life displayed by activity & sport. It’s a powerful motivator to see when & how you get more active. Tonight’s Sleep: Know how much sleep you need tonight To be rested, ready to go, and be at your best tomorrow.

Go-Zone: Reads your body & knows when it wants to be active. It’s great ammunition when you need a spark.

The Band That Shapes To Your Wrist: Reign shapes to your wrist using soft, seamless premium materials, and offers eight interchangeable size options. You'll love how it feels.

More Details: iPhone, Android and web Wireless & waterproof More great features yet to be announced Patents pending REIGN SPARKS THE ACTIVE IN YOU. LET LIFE REIGN.

Visit JayBird’s site to register for more info... Click Here


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