Review: Nokia Lumia 630 my first thoughts.

I have been an Android user for the past 3 years and never thought that I would ever covert to a Windows Phone (again) and it being a Nokia, well that is what I have recently done.

Now to set the record straight I'm not new to the Windows experience and had my first Windows Mobile device the PPC-6600 (Harrier) which was running WM2003, I also had a Dell AximX51v which was an awesome PDA. I finally went up in the Windows OS with the pruchase of the PPC-6700 (Apache) in fact I used this name for my online Avatar PPCApache.

Since then I have had a nightmare 9 months with an iPhone 3G, and then went back to Windows Mobile with the HTC HD2 running WM6.5, this device didn't get the update to WM7 which was the final straw that broke the camels back and I jumped over to Android, since then I have used the Dell Streak (5" Screen), Samsung Note, GS3, Note 2, GS4, Note 3 and even the new GS5, now all of those but the orignal Note was a work device, I have since left the company and had to get a device that was cheap and yet was a smartphone and had access to word.

Now what would fit this option, a Windows Phone of course now which one? The Lumia 520? Lumia 630? Well I went for the 630 for the following reasons

* 4.5" Screen

* Windows Phone 8.1 (Nokia Cyan)

* Word, Excel

* Email and Internet

I wasn't to worried that it was only 3G, and that the camera was 5MP and had no flash, I just didn't find those features to be of high importance to me at this stage as I just needed a phone to get work and people to call me back on.

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