Review: KinFire LED Torch

I have been looking for another torch for my car to replace the Monarch 6 I was carrying and also wanted one that had a Strobe and/or SOS setting. I also didn't want to spend a lot of money as I really wanted to test if the size and overall use of this torch would fit my needs to see if I then went for a larger one or more expensive version like a Fenix or Nitecore.

The KinFire was sent by and was shipped from the Netherlands, I live in Western Australia and it took around 4 weeks to get to me, now that was with FREE postage and for me I don't mind it taking some time to get to me if I don't have to pay for International Postage which is the Bain of Australian's and New Zealander's who shop on-line for goods overseas, most of the shipping costs I have seen for the USA is around the $52 AUD and even up above the $140 AUD, and if the items you have bought are under the shipping costs then it doesn't make it viable.

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