Review: Skinth Magnum

I have been thinking on how I would load out my Magnum from the time I ordered it and it arrived and after speaking to Eric what I could and couldn't fit in the side tubes, I was originally looking at putting my Sidekick in the Right Tube, but since I got my Ontario Rat M2 that has lived there instead and the Sidekick went back to my back pocket.

By adding the knife I get the best of both worlds the Surge as my MT, the Rat M2 main EDC knife (Surge will be backup), Fenix E12 light (no back up on me but in the car is a Monarch 6 2x AA torch), then added support with CC 4" Pocket Pry Bar, Bit Extender / Bit Card and Leatherman Brewzer, plus the TEC Centipede.

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