• Multi-layered, rugged Galaxy Tab A 8.0 case includes inner shell, outer slipcover and built-in screen protector

  • Port covers keep out dust and debris

  • Full access to all features of your Galaxy Tab A 8.0

  • Included shield stand provides added screen protection on the go


  • Polycarbonate inner shell

  • Internal foam padding

  • Rubber outer skin wraps around the inner shell and absorbs impact from drops and bumps

  • Synthetic rubber outer slipcover

  • Built-in screen protector



Posted by: Jason McIsaac


OtterBox Defender - Samsung Tab A 8.0

Source: OtterBox



OtterBox Cases

I have been using OtterBox cases for well over 12 years and have found them to offer a Professional look and awesome Protection. Recently my family and I took a Holiday back to New Zealand to family and to show the kids where they lived as they had come over to Perth, Western Australia in 2009. 


Now I had received my Samsung Tab A 8.0 for Christmas and decided to take it with me to New Zealand, I was lucky enough to receive my OtterBox Defender Case just before we left for the Two-week holiday. With us traveling around and taking the Tab A with me just didn't want to possibly damage it.


Drop Tests

Here is a great YouTube video made by OtterBox demostrating their Drop Tests and the amount of work that goes in to testing their products.


Close-Up and Personal

I took the following photo's while I was in Raglan, New Zealand, at the local beach, the OtterBox Defender case came into it's own while I was there. It's not water prrof, but it is Dust (Sand), Drop & Scratch with a built in Screen Protection.


It was great using the Tablet on our trip and knowing that it had some great protection if I took it out of my bag to use it on the Plane or Beach or Forest or at my sisters place where my 3 & half year old nephew could grab the tablet. 


Test 1 - Air Plane

For those that want to watch their movies while they are on a flight the Defender case offers two view angles with the supplied Screen Guard that doubles as a stand. 


The below photo's are from my recent trip to New Zealand with my Family and is the trip home from Auckland to Perth.


Test 2 - Child Usage

For most parents who have young kids is do I want them to use my Tablet? But sometimes you have to give it to them to just keep them quite. While at the Kingsgate Hotel in Hamilton, I gave my Tab A to my 8 year old son to play Minecraft PE on it, it gave me a few minutes of peace and quite.


Some Kids Tablets come with either built in cases or they come with a rubber silcone version, it gives some protection but just not enough in my books, if you get the hard plastic cases with the large handles they offer some good protection but they are very large and can be a bit on the large size for some, and my 8 year old wouldn't use it. 


Do I as a pearant feel better giving my son my Tablet use with an OtterBox Defender Case on, hell yeah it gives better grip for them, peace of mind if it has a knock or is dropped. Plus it gives more confidence to my son when using it knowing that it is protected.


Out Come

What can I say, I am still impressed by the quality of the case, the feel and use of the case is also great. The only real issue I had with this case was taking it off the Tablet to clean under the screen, it can be a bit tight until you ge the knack of unclipping the sides of the case.


Who will benefit from the OtterBox Defender case on the Samsung Tab A 8.0


  • Mum and Dad who want to use it for themselves and occasionally for the ocasional time that they need to give to their child.


  • Teenager that is out and about with friends, be it camping at a Festival or around at a mates place to triping around on that Summer road trip.


  • The business man who wants a professional looking case that can keep up with his or her busy lifestyle. 


  • Even Nan & Pop will still find that the Defender case doesnt add to much extra weight to the device so can still be carried around and used for a longer duration of time.


So in closing you can't go wrong with the OtterBox Defender case for the Samsung Tab A 8.0 I higly recommend it.

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