Bulluck & Malinen Custom Leather

Posted by Jason McIsaac


A Word From Jordon Bulluck

"Jordan is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, from Montana and is 25 years old. he has had 9 surgeries on his feet for a service connected disability and after his first foot reconstruction in 2014, he was looking for a leather Multi-tool case on Amazon, and couldn't find any good quality cases so he figured he could make one by hand and would be something to keep him occupied while recovering. 


So he bought all the tools and leather he would need and made his first case in July of 2014. It was awful, but he enjoyed it and has been doing it on and off ever since and become obsessed with it. 


As for the Leather working, the Multi-tool cases are his main focus, everything else is custom orders for holsters to dog collars. His traditional Multi-tool cases are $19.99 USD and the ones in this Review are only $29.99 USD. By far the best quality and priced leather Multi-tool case around."



I love carrying my Leatherman Multi-Tools, be it pocket carry or via a Sheath. Now the sheaths that I currently have were the default ones that come with the Leatherman tools they are functional but that is it..


The photo above shows the eveolution of Jordan's Sheaths over the years with the first design top left then going across the top to the newer designs on the bottom line.


Now I was contacted by Jordan to have a look at his Handmade leather sheaths that he has for the Leatherman Wave (I also have the Surge, Rebar, Wingman, Sidekick). Here is my Video review:



The Making of the Sheaths...

I found that the sheath fitted extremely well into my EDC rotation and the ability to swap with the Brown and Black sheaths was awesome.

The leather looks great and moulds well to the Leatherman Wave.






I have to say I love the Sheaths, they are extremly functional and are so comfortable wearing them, I was also impressed with the time frame it took to travel over 12,000KM to get to Perth, Western Australia from the USA.


As you can see I prefer to use the sheath in the Horizontal setup rather than the Vertical. 


Would I buy one or have a custom sheath made, Hell yeah!! the workmanship is second to none and they ability to have your name or business stamped on the front of the sheath was awesome.


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