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Velocity Clip allows you to transform the smartphone you already own into an amazing hands-free POV action camera. It allows bikers, skateboarders, hikers, snowboarders, and parents to conveniently record all of those special moments’ hands free! Best of all Velocity Clip is totally universal. Velocity Clip will hold any smartphone on the market. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, Samsung, etc... You can even use your favorite protective cases like OtterBox, LifeProof, Speck, etc…no matter what is in your pocket we’ve got you covered!


Use any one of the 6 Velocity Clip accessories (Chest Mount, Head Mount, Bike Handlebar Mount, Extra Adhesive Mounts, Monopod, or Suction Cup Mount) to keep your camera optimally located for video capture while you focus on enjoying the moment. 

Posted by Jason McIsaac

Recently I saw online a pretty interesting clip system for a Smartphone called the Velocity Clip I was able to find a local Distributer Maxxum and was sent some stock to have a look at and review for the site.


So what is the Velocity Clip? Well it is a POV action camera clip that you can use with a number of devices from your Smartphone, Digital Camera, GoPro, even a Navman or GPS Unit.


I was able to try out the Velocity Clip with my Son’s Samsung Note 1 and my Nokia Lumia 930. I was also sent the following add on accessories.


  • Chest Mount

  • Head Mount

  • Bike Mount

  • Suction Cup Mount

  • Extra Adhesive Mounts


I will be going over the above accessories and giving my point of view and my son who is 13 years old.

Image courtesy of Velocity Clip

The Velocity Clip...

Why use a Velocity Clip?

If you are like me and can't afford or just not in a position to get say a GoPro around the $500 mark or you just don't want a second device as you already have one of the latest Smartphones in the market like the Nokia Lumia 930 with it's awesome 20MP camera, Samsung GS5 or the HTC M8, so why buy a second camera to take your action shots.


How does the Velocity Clip work?

The Velocity Clip uses a clamp system that is adjusted by a screw lock system that secures the Device in the Clamp. As I stated before I tried the Velocity Clip with the Samsung Note 1 and Lumia 930 now both devices have OtterBox cases on them which increases the overall size of the devices and the Velocity Clip still was able to secure them both.


Below is a great image showing the parts of the Velocity Clip...

Image courtesy of Velocity Clip

Velocity Clip Overview Video...

Here is a Video showing an Overview of the Velocity Clip and how it works, please continue reading on for photo's of the Velocity Clip and the Accessories and my personal findings.

My first look at the Velocity Clip was with the Adhesive clip, for this part of the review I connected the Adhesive clip to a section of wood to represent say the Dashboard of your car, which I will be doing for my wife so that she can use her Lumia 635 in the car.


The great thing with the Adhesive pad is that it so versatile you can put it anywhere here are some of the ideas I came up with


  • Car Dashboard

    • GPS Maps

  • Handsfree calling

  • Motorbike Dashboard

  • Web Cam

  • Mounted on the Wall

  • Baby Monitor

  • Mounted on Helmet

  • Motorbike  

  • Caving

  • Rock Climbing

  • Mounted on

    • Surf Board

    • Skateboard

    • Car


I was very impressed with the way I was able to use it in this format.

The Velocity Clip - Adhesive Clips

The Velocity Clip - Chest Mount

I was very intrigued about the use of the Chest Mount, now I have seen these before a number of times with people use them with GoPro’s capturing their trips with hands free, or like on Mythbusters getting the first person view.


Now I personally thought yeah I couldn’t see myself using it but after having it on for a little bit found it was comfortable and not hard to use, now my 13 year old son thought it was pretty cool and he wanted to try it with his Samsung Note 1.


Here are some photos I took with my Lumia 930 showing of the Chest Mount.

So when and how could I use the Chest Mount? Well after talking to my Son we both agreed that the following points would be great to use it in


  • Adventure sports

    • Rock climbing

    • Bike Riding

    • Dirt Bike riding

  • Filming Family hands free

  • Touring a house or venue

  • Real-estate sales video


Wearing on say a black polo shirt or top will make the device (if Black) and the Velocity Clip blend in so it won't stand out so much.

The Velocity Clip - Bike Mount

My Son loves to ride his bike and now that he has my old Samsung Note 1, he wants to be able to carry his phone and still listen to music or get his current location or even track his best time around the block.


With the Velocity Clip + Bike Mount will give you all the access to your device while you are enjoying your ride.

The Velocity Clip - Head Mount

Of all of the Velocity Clip Accessories that they have and sent me the Head Mount was the one I looked at and went really? Now as you will see in the Photo Slide Show below a small 7MP Camera attached to it, I tried the Note 1 and even my Lumia 930, it was just so heavy and uncomfortable, if I had say a GoPro or device that was around that size and weight would be ideal.


I first tried the Head Mount just straight on my head and then with a hat, I found that with the use of the hat it felt more comfortable and even assisted with the weight of the device.


If you were camping and say you forgot your torch you could then use the Head Mount and your Smartphone to light your way.


I would believe that you would use the Head Mount if the action you wanted to complete meant you couldn’t use the Chest Mount as you might damage the device.


The Velocity Clip - Suction Cup Mount

For me the one Accessory I wanted to have a look at was the Suction Mount as I could see this been used in my car or on my Dining Room Table with the Tripod instead to assist in taking Review Photo's.


The Suction Cup Accessories is connected via the Tripod Mount at the top of the Clip.

The Velocity Clip - The Conclusion

Ok so after having the Velocity Clip for around a week I have found it to be very useful, with so many options the ones that stand out for me are the


  • Adhesive Clips

  • Suction Cup / Tripod

  • Chest Mount

  • Bike Mount


I can see all of them been used by me or my family, the only accessory I was not able to use is the Expandable Monopod Mount.


“It lets you extend the Velocity Clip in a telescope manner to film great action videos of yourself. Popular for snowboarding and skateboarding. Get that unbelievable footage that looks like you have your own personal videographer!” –


Now the Monopod Mount would be awesome, you could use it at a concert if it was too crowded to see the presenter. If you were using say with the Samsung GS5 you could use it to film that Great White Shark that is circling your boat.


Do I recomed the Velocity Clip? Yes with the add-on Accessories it will meet all of your needs and more. Check out selected Harvey Norman or Good Guys stores in Australia or click on the logo's below to visit Maxxum Importers of Velocity Clip or if in the USA click the Velocity Clip logo.

Monopod Mount

Image courtesy of Velocity Clip

The Maxxum and Velocity Clip Logo's are the Trademark of those said companies, thank you you Veleocity Site for the Stock Images and to Maxxum for the Review Stock - The EDC Zone Team

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