UAG Scout Case for Surface Pro 4



  • Designed for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (SP4)

  • Impact resistant soft core & FrogSkin™ exterior non-slip grip material

  • Built in Surface Pen storage and magnetic holder compatibility

  • Compatible with Microsoft Type Cover Keyboard and multiple keyboard positions

  • Aluminum stand with 5 angular positions plus portrait viewing option

  • Un-compromised audio and access to touchscreen, buttons and ports

  • Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) when used with Microsoft Type Cover keyboard

Posted by Jason McIsaac

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UAG Packaging..

I recently had to take in my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in to Harvey Norman as there was a power issue and the USB port stopped working. Well after 10 days or so was advised that there was an issue and that I could swap it out.


I decided to upgrade to the Surface Pro 4 i5 128GB, and in doing so needed a new case. So I contacted the guys at Urban Armour Gear and had a chat with them about their Scout case for the SP4, I decided to go with the Magma colour.


Now I am not new to UAG's Scout case as I advised I did have the SP3 and in fact completed a review of the Black Scout case, which you can read here.


I love the fact that UAG really do some nice packaging right down to the envelope it came in.


The UAG Scout case arrives

My first impressions was, wow, the new look design compared to the SP3's Scount is great, which I will go into more detail later. As you can see with the below photo there are 3 colours to chose from the Magma (Red), Black and  Cobalt (Blue).

Checking out the UAG Scout packaging, with Benchmade HK Ally Folder

UAG Scout Case Up Front & Personal..

I am so happy that I went with the Magma colour, looks great. The Built in Surface Pen storage and magnetic holder compatibility is for me the one of the big pluses for me. As per my last review of the SP3 the Microsoft Type cover still fits the Scout Magma case for the SP4, 

The Impact resistant soft core & FrogSkin™ exterior gives a non-slip grip and the material feels rugged, gives me confidence when I pick it up.

Looking at the UAG FrogSkin Technology

The Power and Volume keys are protected, and still easy to access and use.

One thing that the SP4 case has over the SP3 case is the Styles holder is now built into the case, this is a huge plus for me no more silly tag on the keyboard.

Headphone jack is on the side as is airvents to disapate the heat from the SP4.

The Camera is still fully accessible and protected with a hard plastic edging.

To access the kickstand the bottom of the case has a small cut out for you to get you finger nail under to pull up the kickstand

Another shot of the cutout for lifting up the kick stand, it also has the Tye cover connector availabe to use with the case on, I still have the SP3 type cover. 

Built in Kickstand at stage 1, I don't use this one at all as it sits up to high.

This is the Kickstand at the half way mark, great for viewing movies or as a laptop, this is the one I use the most

I mainly use this stage in tablet form with no keybaord as it enalbes me to have the SP4 slightly rasied. 

UAG Scout and Type Cover..

I use the Microsoft Type Cover for my SP4, I only have the SP3 version (until Christmas) when I get a red SP4 Type cover that will look great with the Magma case. 


As you can see in the below photo the Magnetic section that the Type Cover connects to is fully open and the Type Cover just clips in.

Close up of the UAG Scout case showing Type Cover connection port

As I stated above you can use the SP4 + UAG Scout case with either the SP3 or SP4 type covers.


As you can see with the Type Cover attached looks great and to some may have thought it was an actual Laptop.

As you can see with the Type Cover attached looks great and to some may have thought it was an actual Laptop.

As you can see with the Type Cover attached looks great and to some may have thought it was an actual Laptop.

As you can see with the Type Cover attached looks great and to some may have thought it was an actual Laptop.

Testing the UAG Scout..

So I have used the UAG Scout on my Surface Pro 4 in the following areas to see how it would handle with the slight weight and bulk added would it still be easy to use and carry.

AT HOME: I use my SP4 mostly at home with the ocasional out side use, the case came into its own around the house as I have 3 kids, and I sometimes as them to get my SP4 for me and knowing that it has the UAG scout case gives me loads of protection for any knocks to the side or if they put it down on the bench just a little to hard. 

Elizabeth Quay and Family outings: I sometimes take my SP4 out with my family when we go to Elizbeth Quay or to other locations, I use it for movies for the kids to pass the time, I have used it on the Train going into town, which is around 30 minutes gives me time to type up a review in Word and watch a start of a movie. With the UAG case it gives me loads of protection but also good grip due to the fish skin technology. 


Below is one of the setups I use on a regular bases, the SP4 and UAG case fits perfectly in to my MooseJaw Osprey Es


I currently don't take my SP4 to the Shopping Centre a lot but on some occasions like when my wife and daughter go shopping it's great to have to complete a review (in Word) or watch a movie. The built-in kick stand clicks in nicely and was comfortable on my knee, I could use it like this for a good while, but would have to have it on a table in the Food Court if longer than say 20 minutes.I liked the look and feel of the case, knowing that I had the extra protection if I the SP4 was knocked off my lap by one of my kids or someone walking by.

Testing the UAG Scout case in my car # 1

ROYAL CARIBBEAN:  My family and I recently came back from a 5 night cruise on the Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas, it is the 4th largest cruise ship in the world and the largest to visit Australia. I carried my Surface Pro 4 on board in my MooseJaw Ospreay Esteban backpack. I was using the SP4 to take my photos of my Huawei Mate 8 and GoPro Hero 4 Silver mainly to then back them up to my 1TB portable Harddrive. The UAG case protected the SP4 when I had to put my bag through the X-Ray machine to get on to the ship and later when I had to take it our of the backpack to go through security at Adelaide Airport.

Below are a couple of photo's from my Stateroom on board the Ovations of the Seas, I loved that I could take my SP4 any where on the ship and feel that it would be protected from any knocks or bumps. Weather it was out of my backpack or not.


Has the UAG Scout done what was intended for? In my books yes, however there are a few small things that some might find issues with, but for me they were not deal breakers and wouldn't stop me getting this case

COST: With anything now a days we are always after a bargin and getting the best item at the best price, the Scout costs $99.00 AUD at JB Hi-Fi ($69.95 USD), this is pretty high when you are on a budget, however I beleive that it is a good price for the protection that you get. In fact I have bought one for my Wife for Christmas as I am also getting her a SP4. She liked the Cobalt Blue one and I got a Blue Type Cover as well. 

SD CARD ACCESS: I stated this back in my last review of the SP3 UAG Scout case, the Scout case does wrap around the back of the SP4 so getting access to the Micro SD card is going to be a pain, luck for me I am happy with the 32GB SD card I am using so have no real reason to remove it. I would recommend that you go for a 64GB Class 10 to be on the safe side so you will have the added space and no real reason to remove the SD card. 


STYLUS HOLDER: If you have read my SP3 review of the Scout case you would have seen that I was using the small loop that comes with the Type Cover for the Stylus. This not really a great option as it doesn't really protect it.


Well I love the fact that UAG have either listened to their consumers and built it straight into the case at the top. For me this is such a huge plus, it means I have the Stylus secure and still easy to access.


I must say that I have put this case through its paces and in my view and will look good in the Board room or School or even just around the house. 


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