Your KEY-BAR arrives in a hinged tin and includes:

  • (1) KEY-BAR with removable Titanium pocket clip in your choice of color

  • (2) 1/2 in. screws (1-4 keys)

  • (2) 3/4 in. screws (1-8 keys) 

  • (2) 7/8 in. screws (1-12 keys) 

  • (15) Washers 

  • (2) O rings (allows you to adjust the tension to your liking)

  • (1) Key fob link





Length: 3.5 in

Weight: 1.6 oz

Screw post dimension: .164 in


# of keys the KEY-BAR can hold

  • Up to 12 with the provided screws

  • Up to 28 with longer screws, available here

  • Fits 90% of keys


Posted by Jason McIsaac

So if you have been following me on Instagram - @theedczone then you would have seen my keychain items from my Ultimate keychain to my KeySmart to the Orbitkey. I liked how compact the KeySmart system is and how light it is.


However after speaking to Isaac @bigkahunastickershop_305 on Instagram he talked to me about the KeyBar, now if you have followed any of the EDC instagram accounts like @EDC_Showcase or @everydaydump and @_everydaycarry_ then you might have seen the popular KeyBar. What is a KeyBar? No its not a bar of soap in the shape of a key, it is in fact a Key Organiser and I must say a good one, don't get me wrong it does have its Pros and Cons which I will go over at the end of the review, but stay with me, now I have reviewed the Key|Smart & Orbitkey Key Orgnaisers 


So I sent an email to KeyBar and was sent a Titanium KeyBar with a plain Pocket Clip. I must say that I had my own views of the KeyBar before getting one like


  • Larger size compared to other Key organisers

  • Heavier weight compared to other key organisers

  • Fan boys blast about it that it is the best 


Yes it is larger and heavier even the Titanium version compared to say my KeySmart, I’ll get into the weight side later.


My KeyBar was sent to me here in Perth and took roughly around 2 and half weeks to arrive, most of that was with in Australia as it had to come via KangarooPost. 

Received my Orbitkey packages

So my KeyBar arrives from the USA and I open the Package to find this small tin, upon opening it I find the following items

  • (1) KEY-BAR with removable Plain pocket clip

  • (2) 1/2 in. screws (1-4 keys)

  • (2) 3/4 in. screws (1-8 keys) 

  • (2) 7/8 in. screws (1-12 keys) 

  • (15) Washers 

  • (2) O rings (allows you to adjust the tension to your liking)

  • (1) Key fob link


One thing that the KeyBar has that is steps ahead of the competitors is that it comes with 3 sets of different sized screws, so if you have say more than 4 keys or attachments then you are not out of pocket having to buy an expander kit. I liked the fact it came with written instructions.


Packages look awesome

Introducing the KeyBar...

Here is a video made by KeyBar show it in action and a nice graphic showing how it goes togeather.

Here is another video from KeySmart showing how to setup your KeySmart.

My Setup...

Getting ready to install my keys and attachements, instructions are also included with the KeyBar in a written format. For this review I installed the following items -


  • House Key

  • Sliding door key

  • Letter box key

  • USB Thumb drive - Not pictured

  • Cold Steel Micro Recon 1

  • Car key Fob

  • TEC-A3 Glow Fob

  • Plus supplied Pocket Clip


^The Key Thumb Drive and Leatherman Brewzer were tested but didn't like how they fitted in the KeyBar, I used another Smaller shaped 8GB Thumb drive.





I was a bit of all thumbs when putting it together the first time, but got the hang of it and found it was pretty straight forward install. The Metal washers also came in handy to even out both sides of the keys if one is higher than the other.  

Showing off the Orbitkey

Here is the final setup, the Titanium KeyBar with two TEC Python clips which has my Cold Steel Micro Recon 1, TEC-S3 Glow Fob and my Car Key Fob. This is a great setup for me as I have a backup knife to my Kershaw Emerson CQC 8K.

Field Trip to Fremantle with the Orbitkey

I like that the KeyBar has fitted into my standard EDC rotation, it looks clean and professional.

Added my Leatherman Brewzer to the Mix

Testing the KeyBar

Here is the KeyBar in action, it felt good in hand and very solid turning it to open the letterbox this was the same with our large front door the house.

This is my Wife’s Car Keys attached to the KeyBar via the TEC Python Clips, this is a test to see how the KeyBar hangs when driving, I was not able to complete this test with my Holden Cruze SRIV as it is has a Push Button ignition.


The reason for this test was to see if the KeyBar would or could knock against my knee or that of my Wife’s.


Now before you ask yes I could have attached the Car Key to the Key Ring attachment on the KeyBar directly reducing the overall length but not everyone likes that as an option, for me I don’t want to have to fight with the snap ring trying to take my car key or fob off the KeyBar when I am having the car serviced, the Python clips gives me the option to take the keys / fob off when I like.  


For me the KeyBar did touch my knee, now if my Wife was in the drivers seat it would have been hitting even more than the top of the knee like me as she has to sit closer to the steering wheel.


Western Australia is very large and you have to travel long distances so with the over all weight could this put more strain on the key over time? Not Sure... 

Car Ignition Test...

Key|Smart vs. KeyBar   


With everyone who carries keys as part of their EDC weight is very important, I used the same set up for both which included the following items


  • KeyBar / Key|Smart

  • Pocket Clip (KeyBar Only)

  • House Key

  • Sliding door key

  • Letter box key

  • USB Thumb drive

  • Cold Steel Micro Recon 1

  • Car key Fob

  • TEC-A3 Glow Fob


As you can see the KeyBar is a heavier buy about 1.2 oz, for some that might be a deal breaker, It was at first when I picked the KeyBar up for the first time,  for me as the KeyBar's Pocket Clip came in very handy and took most of the Weight while in my pocket. 

Orbitkey Weigh In
KeySmart Weigh In


As I stated the KeyBar is heavier than I am used to but with the Pocket Clip attached and clipped to my pocket, the Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 and Car Key Fob dangle down in the pocket so taking away the added weight.


As you can see the KeyBar does stick out, however the Pocket flap covers over it and keeps it secure also.


If I used the KeyBar in the front left pocket the protruding section would in fact be a plus as it would give easier ability to pull it from my pocket. 

Out Come...


After using the KeyBar for the last week or so I must say I was impressed, I feel the KeyBar fitted my hand very well as I do have large hands it gave a better grip to turn the key, so here are the my personal findings



  • All keys are inside the KeyBar, keys wont get snagged on clothing or pockets

  • No required expansion pack, as it comes with 3 screw sizes, reducing overall cost.

  • Add-ons - Thumb drive and Bottle opener and other Mods

  • High range of Materials from Titanium, Aluminum, Copper, Carbon Fiber/Titanium and Brass

  • Accommodates between 1-4, 1-8 & 1-12 standard keys or accessories out of the Box! (Key|Smart 2.0 -  2-4 Keys unless Expansion kit used)



  • Larger than Key|Smart Height and width, adds some increased bulk.

  • Heavier than Key|Smart (1.2oz) with full EDC setup

  • More expensive than Key|Smart and OrbitKey, cheapest is Aluminium at $45 USD ($64.06 AUD) 


Like is said I have a Push Button Ignition in my car so the KeyBar just sits in my pocket and doesn't hang from the ignition column like it does in my Wife Lisa’s car, I asked what her view was of the KeyBar here is her response.


“The KeyBar is too bulky and the weight is actually quite heavy for me and having that hang down while driving would in fact drive me crazy. I do like the Pocket Clip and it would be good to clip the KeyBar in my Handbag. For the time being I will stay with my Key|Smart” - Lisa (The Boss)


So that brings me to the next question Who would beneift or actually use the KeyBar? I would say most guys that want a tough wearing key organiser that has some sick looks and materials, that is functional and has some cool modes the one I like is the Knife option, another one I saw was tools from a Leatherman Sidekick, talk about a Multi-Tool. 






So if you want to get one yourself click on the buttons bellow or check out KeyBar's Instagram account here for some cool pics.