TEC-A3 Aluminum Glow Fob 



The TEC-A3 Glow Fob is a unique glow-in-the-dark (GITD) keychain fob unlike any you have ever seen. The internal glow pellet consists of a clear acrylic tube filled with a special glow powder and resin mixture. The pellet is mounted inside a protective aluminum housing with a durable Type III hard anodize finish. NOTE: The color can range anywhere from a medium-gray to a very dark gray shade. This variation is due to variables in the material and the anodize process from lot-to-lot.


When exposed to light, it will glow for hours...the longer the exposure time and the higher the light intensity, the longer and brighter it will glow. Glow times can last as long as 12 hours!


Attach the TEC-A3 to your car keys or even a flashlight, so you can always find them when the lights go out.

Posted by Sebastian Watson

First impressions of the glow fob from TEC start with the packaging. The plastic case that the fob arrives in is an immensely well thought out and well presented case. Included is the fob itself, a small gate clip and split ring. The fob itself (in this case, the aluminium version) is about 4cm long, and around 5mm wide. The machining on the fob shows little to no markings besides some vertical lines that add nicely to the colouration (in my case, the charcoal).


Attachment of the fob is incredibly easy, through the fob’s attachment hole on its own, or through a combination of the split ring and gate clip. Personally, I typically use an identifying marker as a fixed piece of my keyrings. Having previously used small stainless steel beads with glowing o-rings, the fob provides a distinctly brighter package, while the beads were a much more subdued light that didn’t last as long. One downside is that the fob takes up more room than the beads.


In closing, the TEC-A3 Aluminium glow fob is a nice accessory for your keyring, being both functional and attractive at the same time. While being restricted by the glow in the dark pellets, TEC also offers a tritium version, which has its own challenges in itself. As it is, for the price, you receive a high quality bit of kit that can help identify and locate whatever you attach the fob to.


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Posted by Jason McIsaac


I have just got myself the TEC-A3 today and must say I was totally taken back on how fast the Glow Fob chargers and also how bright it is depending on the nature of the light from say ambient light, torch light or even direct sunlight. So the stronger the light source the brighter the Glow Fob will be. Here are some photos of my own Glow Fob.


I charged it on my Cars Dashboard it was very bright, bright enough to actually see it glow.


Inside the aluminium frame, the guts of the fob (which can be a glow in the dark vial, or a tritium vial) are nested in with an o-ring and the cap of the fob. Not having a tritium vial on hand, the glow in the dark vial was put to the test. Quick exposure to a bright light source such as a flashlight quickly charges the vial for a quick, strong burst of light. Exposure over time, however, gave a much longer lasting result. Even sitting next to my leg in my car, in one of the darker patches, the vial absorbed enough light over a 40 minute car trip to be bright and readily identified in my apartment’s underground parking garage.


For this photo I used my Fenix E12 on the Higest setting to charge the Glow Fob, as you can see it is pretty bright and would allow me to find my keys beside my bed or in say your hand bag or on the floor if dropped.


So why would I use or need a Glow Fob? Well it can be connected to your favourite Multi-Tool, Key Chain, Bag or even your Dog's collar for a night walk, to give you enough light to find that object.