Strike Alpha Cradle - Samsung Tab A 8 

Posted by: Jason McIsaac

Are you using an Otterbox Defender case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8? Then this Strike Alpha Cradle is for you! Introducing the Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Car Cradle for Otterbox Defender case! With this Tab A 8 Vehicle Mount, you no longer need to remove the case off your tablet before placing it into the cradle. This Tab A 8 Tablet Holder is specifically design and built for use with your Otterbox Defender case. Now you can enjoy added security for your tablet whilst charging it at the same time! Very convenient and is perfect for driving around- allowing you to access your Tab A 8 safely & legally whilst on road. Purchase one today!

  • The internal passive antenna of this Galaxy Tab A 8 Car Kit is specifically incorporated to improve your mobile signal once used with a reputable external antenna. The cradle comes with a FME male connector so it can be connected to an external antenna.

  • This cradle package includes a swivel mount. Other mounting options are also available for purchase.

  • This tablet holder for Samsung tab A 8 is a professional install version. A trained professional will attach the tablet cradle to the swivel mount provided and connect the tablet power's pack to your car's electronics.

  • Boost your mobile signal further with Strike Antennas now!

This product is suitable for the original Otterbox Defender case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8, but it is not included in the package.


For Enterprise customers, email to discuss quantity pricing.




Last Christmas I was given a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 and I have recently been sent an OtterBox Defender case that I have reviewed here


I have been checking out some YouTube video's on the OtterBox Defender case and found an interesting Video on the Strike Cradle for the Tab A and that it even fitted it with the OtterBox Defender case.


This was an interesting idea and I wanted to see how practical it would to use in a Personal Vehical and if the Tab A was going to be to large to actually be of any use.


The package arrived with in a few days, a big tick for us here in Western Australia as it can take up to 3-4 weeks before parcels arrive.


The Pack contained the following items -

  • Strike Alpha Car Cradle Cell Phone Holder

  • Swivel Mount

  • Strike Professional Installation Power Pack

  • Quick start guide


Introducing the Strike Alpha Car Cradle

This is a great little by the strikegroup video showing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Car Mount for use w/ an Otterbox Defender Case at the Strike Engineering Department on how to connect the Samsung Tab A 8.0 to the Cradle.



Strike Alpha Car Cradle Test - 2012 Holden Cruze SRIv

I decided to test the Alpha Cradle in my 2012 Holden Cruze SRIv, I found it was easy to install with the Suction cup on the windscreen, the only thing that I found when I tested it driving to the Perth International Airport to pick was that if it was a bit of a distance from the dash it would bounce, this stopped once I moved the cradle down so that it was touching the dash. It felt very secure. Below are some photo's that I have taken of the Strike Alpha Cradle in my car.


I found when I used it that it did a great job, I thought that it might make a blind spot in the middle of the Dash area, there was one but not as big as I thought it might be. Now the Alpha Cradle in my car is a bit of an overkill as my Holden Cruze already has an LCD touch screen that is used for naviagtion, music and bluetooth functions.


Strike Alpha Car Cradle Test - 2001 Mazda MPV

The Strike Cradle came into it's own, when I placed it in my Wife's Mazda MPV, with it's wide Windscreen and large Dash the Cradle didn't fill it up as much as my car, there was no real blind spot as the windscreen is a lot larger than that of my car. 


Also the fact that my wife has no Navigation unit or interface, by adding the Strike Alpha Cradle and have such a large display on the Tab A 8.0 made it a great addition for those long holiday trips or even around town.  As you can see by the photo's below of my Wife's car showing off the usage of the cradle. Both my Wife and I can see us using it in her car more than mine. 



Ok so who would or should use this cradle? Well I think the following groups would benefit from it and here is why - 


  • Families: With the annual family Holiday down south or up north, having a nice large display for GPS Navigation is an added bonus, position the Cradle towards the front passenger seat and they can enter in destinations and even (with internet connection) book hotel or camping ground stays while on route.

  • Grandparents: With the Grey Nomads taking to the open road with their caravans the Tab A 8.0 in an OtterBox Defender case and the Alpha Cradle would be a god send for them with the extra-large 8.0 display and the local 4x4 maps they can setup their destinations in advance and use the GPS Navigation maps, add the external antenna and that is a big win.

  • Business: I have mate that runs his own trucking business that deals with Furniture Removal and Courier jobs, having a Samsung Tab A 8.0 as there GPS Navigation and then when they get to the location use it to record details of the job to even having the client sign the invoice. The unit can also be installed by a technician for a permanent solution or the DIY powered via the cigarette lighter.


So in closing I really must admit that I was surprised on how well the unit actually worked and that it in fact that it wasn't as bulky as I thought it might have been. 

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