Strike Alpha Cradle for iPhone 6/7/8 Plus



Posted by: Jason McIsaac

Information from Strikes Website


* The internal passive antenna of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus Phone Holder is specifically incorporated to improve your mobile signal once used with a reputable external antenna. The cradle comes with an FME male connector so it can be connected to an external antenna.


* It includes a windscreen mount. Other mounting options are also available for purchase.


* The Alpha iPhone 8 Plus Vehicle Mount is a DIY install pack. Professional installation is not required. Simply attach the cradle to the windscreen mount provided, plug the supplied car charger into the vehicle's cigarette lighter charger.


* Shop for Strike Antennas to help boost your mobile reception!


* Can work with any Bluetooth car kits


* International shipping available.



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Thank you to Strike for sending me the Review units




So, would I recommend this car cradle? 


I would have to say Yes, it meets and exceed my expectations, it was just so solid for all the testing I through at it and just everyday usage. I put it through a barrage of tests and it still performed so well.


The Strike Alpha Cradle for iPhone 6/7/8 Plus is not just designed for your Truck Drivers or someone doing long hauls, it my personal view it is designed for everyone be it the school Mum, the Business Dad, or even Grandad.


What I liked about the cradle was it is just so solid, from the construction of the unit, to the strong suction and it does look good. However on this version you can install it with a case, so if you love having your iPhone 8 Plus naked this is the cradle for you.


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