Strike Alpha Cradle for iPhone 7

Posted by: Brie McDonald



  • Plug ‘N Play - With the superior design of Strike Alpha Apple iPhone 7 DIY Car Cradle, it allows you to easily select the new cradle component that fits your brand new phone by simply connecting to existing Strike Alpha mount.

  • This new cradle can be easily integrated with any Bluetooth car kit, entertainment unit or even your personal computer.

  • Holds, charges and secures your iPhone’s signal while in place.

  • Added safety - It can be charged using 12/24 volt charging with voltage spike protection.

  • Quick charging – offers fast charging comparable to your apple charger.

  • Designed, engineered and made in Australia for Australian conditions.

  • Suited for Australian weather conditions

  • 3-year unlimited KM warranty.

  • Patented design for Strike.

  • For information or support on Alpha Cradles please click here.




The strike cradle for iPhone 7 is a very sturdy cradle mount for your smart phone which holds and charges your phone at the same time – winning!


Mounted to the windscreen and sat in the sun on a hot Perth day, this beauty stuck to the windscreen without budging and does not move at all while driving. The kit comes with the windscreen mount, cigarette lighter power supply, quick start guide and a micro USB charging adapter.


The installation of the mount was pretty easy, the hardest part is finding the perfect spot on your windscreen for it. The it swivel’s nice and easy and does not rock around at all. Lining the charging port up to connect is easy as the phone slides seamlessly down into the cradle.


Overall the cradle is really great and is a nice slim design, the only hesitation I have regarding the cradle is now that Apple have taken away the auxiliary port from the iPhone and have joint it in the lightening port it means that people without Bluetooth in their cars (like myself) cannot use this cradle and play music in their car at the same time.


Perhaps if the cradle had an auxiliary extension that ran from it too instead of the aerial extension cord this may be an option.


So, would I recommend this car cradle? 


I would have to say Yes, it meets and exceed my expectations, it was just so solid for all the testing I through at it and just everyday usage. I put it through a barrage of tests and it still performed so well.


The Strike Alpha Universal Cradle is not just designed for your Truck Drivers or someone doing long hauls, it my personal view it is designed for everyone be it the school Mum, the Business Dad, or even Grandad.


What I liked about the cradle was it is just so solid, from the construction of the unit, to the strong suction and it does look good.


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