SlimFold Micro Soft Shell Wallet

Posted by Jason McIsaac



Originally created for motorcycle wear, the material was subjected to 70mph crash tests using real pavement during development. This format is based on the layout of the Tyvek MICRO, but the best construction methods from fabric and leather are applied. If you have just a few cards, you’ll enjoy a wallet that doesn’t weigh you down. The subtle gray stitching achieves a refined, sophisticated look.


  • Holds 8-12 cards

  • Money pocket holds US, Canadian, Euro (up to 20€ w/o folding) andPounds (up to 10£ w/o folding)

  • Waterproof

  • Stain resistant

  • Machine washable (no fabric softener please!)

  • $3.95 shipping within US

  • $6.95 international shipping


  • Flat shipping charge per order (Only one shipping fee for multiple wallets to the same address-mix of colors ok)


*Instead of the larger rubber logo on the front like in the video, there is a small flat logo on the lower-right of the inside of the wallet.




Get a Real EDC Wallet

Ok so who still has there large bulky Dad wallet? Yes you know what I am talking about that wallet you got for fathers day that is large and thick may be zipped up or has a clip to keep it shut. Well have I found a wallet it for you.


The SlimFold Micro Soft Shell that will still enable you to carry a number of cards and cash yet fell like you have left your wallet at home. So do yourself a favour guys check out my review below and some of the awesome videos by SlimFold to see how you can reduce your wallet size but not your carry options.


Introducing the SlimFold Wallet Micro Soft Shell

Here are a couple of videos by SlimFold Wallet Showing off the Micro Soft Shell Wallet


Here is another video from KeySmart showing how to setup your KeySmart.

What did I carry in my SlimFold Wallet?

So what can you fit in your SlimFold Wallet?

Well  was able to get the following cards and items into my Wallet


Front: WA Drivers Licence, Debt Card, Rewards card


Middle: $30 AUJD (2x $5.00 AUD and 2x $10 AUD)


Back Left: 3 cards


Back Right: 4 cards


so I have a totally of 9 cards, 10 if I count the Drivers Licence plus cash in a very small wallet is pretty good, I found carrying it was very nice with a slim look and no wallet bulge be it with my Jeans or Work Cargo pants.

Up Close with the SlimFold Micro Soft Shell Wallet

Here some photo's of the SlimFold Micro Soft Shell in all its glory.


For a tiny Wallet it still packs a lot of space, front cards are easy to get to so is the Money section


My Wallet came with the Plastic Reforcement cards that clip into the back of the Wallet to give the wallet some frame work.


A front windowed slot is avaible for ID, enabling access to the information on the card with out having to take the card out.


The right side has two slots for your most used cards.


SlimFold vs Bellroy vs Valenti vs Maxpedsition

So the photo below has all the four main wallets that I have currently, from top to bottom -


Valenti Leather Wallet

This a large wallet, a very Dad like wallet that was bulky to carry when full of cards, coins and cash, only good thing was it was Italian Leather so it was soft.



A very large wallet, was sent this by an awesome guy Jonathan from Tasmania, I personally wouldn't use it as I like the professional looking wallet, where as my oldest son who is 15 years old loved and was very quick in stealing if from me. THe Maxpedition wallet does have a lot of space for cards with two sections for cash both cards and the front cash sections have a velcro strap to keep all the items secure.


Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

I reviewed this wallet a few months back and loved it, it is so much smaller and thinner than my Valenti wallet. It was my first Non-Dad style wallet.


SlimFold Micro Soft Shell Wallet

So as you can see the SlimFold Wallet is by far the smallest and slimist wallet of the group, it carries pretty much the same number of cards as the other wallets, the only downside is no coin slot or pocket like the other three wallets. THe material is nice in hand and fits perfectly in Jeans or cargo pants/shorts.



Here are the SlimFold Wallet (Top) and the Bellroy Wallet (Bottom), both are open to show you the inside. As you can see the SlimFold is slightly longer when open but it is not as tall as the Bellroy.


  • The SlimFold has the Window slot on the left while the Bellroy has not window section. Win for the SlimFold


  • Both have two main cards on the right side. Draw


  • The Bellroy has a section under the two front cards that can hold between 2-6 cards I normally have 4, there is a small tab which you can pull on to extract the cards (The tab is stuck under the pocket). Win Bellroy


  • While the SlimFold has two slots behind the cash section for extra cards. 


  • The Bellroy does also have two extra slots behind the cash section, the left side has a flap for coins while the right side is for business cards or other main cards.


Si I would say it is pretty close here with the Bellroy only getting a 0.01 point extra for the Coin Pocket/Slot.



So what was my finally thoughts on the SlimFold Micro Soft Shell?




  • Loved the material and feel of

  • Material is waterproof

  • Small footprint

  • Still can carry a number of cards

  • Photo Window slot for ID card




  • No Coin slot or pocket

  • It was on the small side for me*




So after a couple of weeks using it did I like the small size, and the wallet, well I was surprised that yes I did.


Like I have stated the slim style and over all size is a winner, the only reason I have stopped using it is that my 13 year daughter has stolen it off me so that she can carry her Bus/Train Smartrider card and some cash when she goes out with her friends. 


I would have liked it to be a bit larger like the Black/Orange Original Soft Shell it would have then suited my needs. I may steal it back off her when I go on our Cruise in July.