SKYE Footwear Rbutus Review

Posted by Jason McIsaac


Review units arrive...

Well for those that have been following me on instagram or facebook you would know that I have done a number of reviews of sheaths, mobile cases, computer cases and more EDC (Everyday Carry) items.. So it is a bit strange for me to be reviewing shoes, well they are part of our EDC life, being that we do wear shoes every day. 


Check out my review below including my YouTube video and one from SKYE Footwear.


A Word Skye Footwear

"We mean that in every way. From the physical to the principle, it all affects how you feel.

We’re a team of mostly busy folks. Often travelling, walking, working, waiting, bustling, and always on our feet. But we’re constantly left brokenhearted when favorite pairs of shoes just can’t keep up – they look great, yet we’re left with tired feet and sad knees. We were begging for stylish comfort.

We set out to make shoes that do comfort like we dreamed. A beautiful everyday shoe that pairs with every outfit (the mark of a true favorite), built for real comfort and long, long wearing.

So, we’ve spent most of 2 years designing and redesigning, searching and testing materials, never sacrificing comfort, never sacrificing style, never at the expense of poor labor conditions, and never at the cost of our precious planet.

The themes that bind our team are always about feeling good, looking good, and doing good.

We believe that happy, healthy people inspire happy, healthy people. And that’s a world we like to live in."




First Impressions


SKYE Footwear | The Beginning


So would I recomend SKYE Rbutus footwear? Yes I would, they do cost $129.00 CAD which is around $179.00 AUD which I think is pretty much on par with other brands in the market, and in some ways look better and even more comfortable, as per my son Connor's view comparing them to his Nike Air Jordans.


Check out SKYE's website for more information -




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