RAE Gear Leatherman Rebar Sheath

Posted by Jason McIsaac


A word from R.A.E Gear - 

"R.A.E. GEAR is here to serve you and your team the highest quality tactical sheaths on the market for the top selling gun magazines and multi tools, with a constant product line development you can be sure that a product that fits your needs will be available soon if we have not developed it already. This is where R.A.E. gear saves you time, designed for fast 1 finger deployment, lightweight 2oz. design with all USA made materials and labor, you can rest assured that your search for the best sheaths ends here.


We specifically design our sheaths with law enforcement, Military, EMT's and firefighters in mind. Knowledge in our market is key in order to design/develop top level sheaths as R.A.E. gear has done. We have performed extensive infield tests on all designs to ensure full securement during vigorous actions." 


Source: http://www.raegearusa.com/





So I have been using the Sheaths for a number of weeks and I have found them to meet and exceed my expectations for the following reasons - 


* Footprint - The size of the RAE Gear sheaths are just slim and hugs the body.

* Weight - With some sheaths and pouches it adds further weight to an already heavy multi-tool, the RAE Gear sheaths are light weight and at 2 oz doesn't add much at to the overall weight and it dissipates

* Cost – At $25.00 USD ($32.90 AUD) the price is awesome, when considering for some sheaths your are paying around $50 - $80 USD and in some instances have to send your Multi-tool away to custom make a sheath at your expense.

* Workmanship – the RAE Gear sheaths are very solid and well made with USA based materials, I cannot fault the workmanship.

* Design – The design of the Sheaths is simple, but it bloody works, I mean it does the job brilliantly and has no extra items or attachments that could wear like Velcro or belt loops or material.

Would I recommend the RAE Sheaths? Hell yeah, if I worked in a role that enabled me to carry a multi-tool every day, I would be using the RAE Gear Sheaths, in fact I have been using the Surge and Wave daily.

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