DJI M300 Progression Inspection - 20x Optical

Using the DJI Zenmuse H20 camera and showing off how we can Inspect assets from the air and make it safe for all concerned, this is at 20x Optical, this camera can go to 200x Digital and still have good data points for Surveillance, Roof Inspections, Bridge Inspections and High Rise Inspections.

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The 12MP Wide Lens on the DJI Zenmuse H20 is crisp and stunning here is a photo of the Lakelands Sports Club being built.

Now the 20MP Zoom lens with its 20x Optical lens starts at 2x Optical. Very lean image and still can see a lot of inforamtion already in the photo.

The 20MP Zoom lens has a max Optical setting of 20x, however it can also go up to 200x digital. This image was taken about 50m away from the building at above 30m in height. We can undertake Roof, Building nd Progression Inspections on a very wide range of Assets.

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