Drone flies above a commercial jet

Should there be more restrictions on the selling of Drones?

With news reports out of the USA showing a Drone user, flying above a commercial jet as it is coming into land at a busy Airport.

Should there be a similar licensing system like with Motor Vehicles?

Maybe have a Learner, Restricted, Full Licence or Business Licence. For improved safety anyone purchasing a drone should have to register the drone and complete a compulsory 1-2 hour online training course, which covers all the safety rules and regulations, before being given an authorisation code to activate the Drone so that it can flown.

It now seems that DJI will be introducing in Australia a Quiz via their DJI Go 4 app that you need to pass to fly your Drone this has already been implemented in the USA. It will be interesting on how this is received by the Hobby Flyer and the Commercial Pilots here in Australia.

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