Introducing the GP1945 Pro Tactical Pen

GP1945Pro Tactical Pen

"Ultimate Titanium* Bolt Action Pen with Multi-tone PRO Whistle & survival breaker..." - GPCA

I am currently using a Schrade Tactical Pen and a Hardcore Hardware TW01 pen, both have been great pens with different aspects.

The GP1945 Pro looks great, the Bolt action system is awesome, an adults fidget spinner. The added glass breaker is a great addition and in Perth Western Australia we can hit as high as 45oC in summer and we have had a number of children left in cars in the heat, so having the ability to smash open a window and rescue the child or sometimes it could be a pet. It is also made in the USA.

The Kickstarter (link below) project looks like it has been funded, as at the time I'm writing this the pledge was for $4500.00 and they have hit $9685.00! Awesome news! Still not to late to get on board.

There are still backer options, starting from $29 - $280 USD.

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