Titanium KeyBar Review is now Live!

So if you have been following me on Instagram - @theedczone then you would have seen my keychain items from my Ultimate keychain to my KeySmart to the Orbitkey. I liked how compact the KeySmart system is and how light it is.

However after speaking to Isaac @bigkahunastickershop_305 on Instagram he talked to me about the KeyBar, now if you have followed any of the EDC instagram accounts like @EDC_Showcase or @everydaydump and @_everydaycarry_ then you might have seen the popular KeyBar. What is a KeyBar? No its not a bar of soap in the shape of a key, it is in fact a Key Organiser and I must say a good one, don't get me wrong it does have its Pros and Cons which I will go over at the end of the review, but stay with me, now I have reviewed the Key|Smart & Orbitkey Key Orgnaisers

So I sent an email to KeyBar and was sent a Titanium KeyBar with a plain Pocket Clip. I must say that I had my own views of the KeyBar before getting one like

  • Larger size compared to other Key organisers

  • Heavier weight compared to other key organisers

  • Fan boys blast about it that it is the best

Yes it is larger and heavier even the Titanium version compared to say my KeySmart, I’ll get into the weight side later.

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