Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet Review

My Wallet is considered to be a "Dad's Wallet" very much a bulky leather wallet, that has a load of cards, some I haven’t used in 6 months, I've seen a number of Slim style or Tactical wallets on the internet and thought they might be go to try.

I came across Bellroy’s wallets on Instagram and checked out their website and saw that they had a number of wallets I liked the look of the Slim Wallets and they had a wide selection. Bellroy sent me a Review unit a Black Note Sleeve.

Straight away Bellroy scored big points, my wallet had arrived at my contacts office on a Monday and was sent via courier to me from the Australian East Coast to Western Australia, and it arrived on the Wednesday, so this was awesome as most times it can take over 5 working days for stuff to arrive.

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