Superesse Straps First Look

For those that don't know I spend a lot of time on Instagram (@theedczone) and found this awesome guy that has come up with a different way to look at making Paracord bracelets, no he hasn't come up with some new knot or the like, but puts the whole construction to you the purchaser. So what does this mean well very simply it means you tell them what you want in or on the Paracord bracelet, this could be a small compass if you go hiking or camping even add a small torch, here are some the kits he has already come up with (Info and photo’s sourced from

Here is a short Bio on Superesse Straps "My venture is, Superesse Straps, it is focused on making paracord bracelets outfitted with survival kits. The survival tools and gear are either attached to the strap or secured under the paracord weave. We differ from other competitors by providing custom, made-to-order, bracelets allowing you to pick and choose from 80+ options. This let's you design a bracelet that fits your location/prepping needs. I served in the US Army Special Operations Command and received extensive tactical, SERE, land-nav, and unconventional warfare training. While deployed, I would craft paracord bracelets as a pass time and morale booster for my team. I've since applied my training and experience to developing survival bracelets themed for various lifestyles and adventures. I have provided bracelets to instructors, government contracted operators, and to military service members."


A wearable first-aid kit equipped with tools & supplies for enduring a field emergency. The load out allows you to start fire to ward off hypothermia, signal for help, prep/treat/disinfect wounds, fashion tourniquet, and much more. Use fire striker as a cutting tool. Tie straight sticks around broken limb to make splint. Make a stretcher by running Paracord between 2 long sticks, or fashion a branch drag to move an injured person. Use the duct tape as moleskin to protect against blisters or frost bite. Instantly stop bleeding with included quick clotting package used in US Military IFAKs. Clean a pre-op wound with the alcohol/iodine prep pad. Attend to stings/bites/infections & more with included med-kits.


THE BUG OUT BRACELET PRO This all-purpose paracord bracelet is a wearable EDC survival kit equipped with a loadout of gear allowing you to start a fire, build shelter, purify water, signal for help, waterproof a poncho, replace a shoelace, fish, carve an arrow, fashion a bow, set a snare trap, tighten a loose screw, boil/cook, open a can of food, skin an animal, or navigate to safety. It's a lightweight Bug Out Bag(BOB) for your wrist.


THE E&E PATHFINDER Whether serving in the military or operating in a tactical environment, this 550 Mil-Spec strap will outfit you when trekking a LAND-NAV course or training at the range. Avoid and endure a kidnapping, hostage situation, or OCONUS detainment using the E&E (Evade & Escape) tools. Concealed inside the buckle is a non-metallic cuff key to escape illegal restraints or used as a backup key for security professionals. The Kevlar cordage is a praised tool in scenarios requiring escape from obstacles like flex-cuffs and rope. Additionally tools allow for fire starting, navigating to rally points, repairing gear, adjusting a rifle sight, and more.


THE EDC PREPPER When the worst happens you need to be ready. This Every Day Carry (EDC) bracelet is a wearable survival and tool kit that is always on you. Inside this Paracord strap you will find useful gear such as; a fire starter, cutting blade, LED light, compass, fishing kit, handcuff key and more. The EDC Prepper outfits you with the ability to lash together limbs to form a shelter/raft, suture a wound, start a fire, patch a torn tent, light your path in the dark, fish, navigate to a rally point, cut thru zip ties/rope, escape handcuffs, and signal an alert. Forget pocket dumping a handful when you can strap it all to your wrist. | + VIEW MORE INFO |

THE CAMPER This bracelet is outfitted with gear needed to survive an overnight camping trip gone wrong. Maybe you forgot to bring a can opener to get in that can of Spam or matches to get a bonfire going? This bracelet comes with a fire starter allowing you stay warm or cook. It has a fishing kit for providing food. Foil to grill on or purify water in. A p38 to open a can, use as a screwdriver, or as a cutting tool. The buckle also serves as a pea less whistle if you're lost or trying to communicate a distress. Additionally, the striker blade can fillet a fish or serve as a signal mirror. Improvise the pin to make a compass, extra zipper pull, or splinter remover. Ranger bands can be used to sustain a fire or used for gear strapping. | + VIEW MORE INFO |

THE SERE SIDEKICK If you serve in austere environments or expect to be placed in a survival scenario, then you'll find this sidekick to be a lifesaver. Exercise your S.E.R.E knowledge using the E&E (Evade & Escape) tools concealed inside this Paracord strap. The buckle houses a non-metallic cuff key to free yourself from illegal detainment. The Kevlar Utility Thread serves as a saw for escaping restraints or as a snare for trapping wild game. Strap and secure your gear with the ranger bands or light them up to use as tinder/smoke signal. The remaining tools allow you to create a fire, purify water, improvise a compass, easily shred thru cords/webbing with the V Cutter, hunt and fish with included hook/line/snare, or repair and patch gear. Continue Mission when all else fails with this EDC Paracord bracelet. | + VIEW MORE INFO |