OtterBox Defender Lumia 930



The impressive Lumia Icon with its ultimate video experience will rest happy inside the Defender Series case leaving you worry free to enjoy the task at hand. Completely surrounded by trusted OtterBox protection your Lumia Icon can be front and center for every moment of your high speed life. The Defender Series Nokia Lumia Icon case adds multiple layers of protection between your phone and the world.


Impact deflecting polycarbonate forms the solid shell, synthetic rubber makes up the impact absorbing slip cover and the clear membrane screen protector is built right into this Lumia Icon case. Whether you are shooting video, enjoying the stunning clarity of your 5” display or the high speed performance of this innovative device, you’ll love the confidence you’ll get by protecting your Lumia Icon with an OtterBox.

Posted by Jason McIsaac

I have used OtterBox case for well over 10 years and love the rugged feel and use of them, I now have a Nokia Lumia 930 which is the same as the Icon that is sold in the USA, my Defender case arrived from  OtterBox over a week ago and have been testing it in some everyday type activities.




OtterBox has done a great Instructional Video, showing how to installed the Lumia Icon/930 into the Defender Case.

The Case...

For those that have used OtterBox cases before are aware that in the past the Defender series cases are one of the largest cases OtterBox stocks it is thicker and more robust than the Commuter case and lacks the slim lines, however over the last year or so OtterBox has in my personal view slimed the Defender cases down they just don't feel as bulky as they did before. The one issue I had with the Lumia 930 was the left bottom corner of the device would press into my hand making it a bit uncomfortable to hold it for long periods of time. This has changed with the use of the Defender case with the added layers and softer material it has made it easier to hold for longer.

Here is a Slide Show of the Defender Case

OtterBox - Defender for Lumia 930
OtterBox - Defender for Lumia 930

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OtterBox Defender - Chargerport
OtterBox Defender - Chargerport

The Chargerport is covered, giving great protect from Dust.

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OtterBox Defender Case Back
OtterBox Defender Case Back

At the top is the Camera and at the Bottom the Speaker to the right and microphone.

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OtterBox - Defender for Lumia 930
OtterBox - Defender for Lumia 930

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The Close Up...

Here are some photo's of my case up close and personal show some of the features.

The Defender Case has a cover over the Headphone Jack to protect it from Dust.

The Cover Flap can be easily opened to give access to the Headphone Jack. Would be easier to just use a Bluetooth headset, I personally use the Jaybird Sports Band 2.

The USB Port is also cover liked the Headphone Jack.

I currently don't have a Wireless Charger so have to use the USB Port, It is still easy enough to lift the flap and get access to the charger port.

The front facing Camers and Sensors are open as is the speaker.

At the Bottom of the Case one of the Diretional mics is open, the on screen buttons and screen are covered by a built in screen protector.

On the right hand side of the case at the top is the Volume keys and below that is the Power Button.

On the back the Camera / Flash are open and have a hard plastic protection ring around it. Also one of the directional mic is also protected and open.

At the bottom right side of the case is the dedicated Camera Button.

On the back at the bottom the Speaker and directional mic are both open.

The Belt Clip...

Ok here are some photos of the Belt Clip and how it looks on, read the Test section below to see how I went using it on my Everyday activities. I found the clip to be easy to wear and didn't get in the way.

I like the belt clip and that I can also use it as a stand for the Lumia 930 be it watching movies and even as an Alarm clock as shown in the below photo's

The Tests...

Over the last week or so I have taken the OtterBox Defender case on some everyday activities to test the usefulness of the case and to see if using the supplied Plastic Belt Clip would actually work.



At first I was taking the Belt Clip off my belt before entering my car, now I don't worry about it as the seat belt slides through the case and hold's it secure while the 930 is in a Hands Free holder on my windscreen.



I found the Belt clip to be light enough and easy to use that I used it at home and missed using it if I had put it down, one of the great things is the Speaker is pointing away from me and is not pressed against me muffling the sound.



I happened to have to use the Train last week to go to a Small Business Expo and it gave me an opertunity to use the Belt Clip Standing on the way in and sitting on the way back. One thing I found was that it was so easy to get the 930 of the clip and use it compared to when it was in my left front shorts pocket. The belt clip didn't get in the way or knock against anything.


Would I recommend getting the Defender case for your Lumia 930 or Icon, Hell Yes! And here is why:


  • Excellent multi-layer protection,

  • Looks smart yet has a business style

  • Belt clip adds another layer of usage.

  • It's from OtterBox


I live in Western Australia and to put it bluntly it is just one big Sandpit so having the added protection around the screen, Charger and Headphone Jacks is a plus and even a requirement.