OtterBox Defender Case Note 2

$59.95 USD



Since I have had my Note 2 the main concern that I have had is the potential of dropping it or getting a few knocks as I use it a lot to enter data for work, calls, ChatON, and SMS, so I am taking it out of my pocket and in doing so heighten the possibility of that Oops drop.


I am personally a big believer in using cases, and can’t believe that consumers invest almost a $1000 on their telco device yet are happy to just use no case or that cheap $10 clip on case or Gel Case that offers no to little actual protection then come crying that they have now damaged their device, I saw this a lot when I worked at Vodafone’s Service Centre here in Perth, they only bought an OtterBox case after the fact, better late than never was the attitude.


Posted by Jason McIsaac

For this review I have decided to do a video just to show you a more of a hands on approach, there are also close up photo’s below.