OtterBox Defender iPhone 6



  • Triple-layer, ultra rugged iPhone 6 case made to survive the bumps, drops and scrapes you encounter on your adventures — bring it

  • Built-in screen protector shelters every inch of your 4.7” touchscreen, defending against scratches, scrapes and scuffs

  • Customize your case with a variety of color options and build your own personally designed Defender Series iPhone 6 case

  • Belt-clip holster keeps your iPhone 6 handy and provides a mini-stand for hands-free use

Posted by Sebastin Watson

I have always been a fan of OtterBox products, and have had them on most of my Smartphone’s for protection, specifically the Symmetry and Commuter line of products. The Defender for the iPhone 6, however, was my first experience with the Defender line.




OtterBox has done a great Instructional Video, showing how to installed the an iPhone into the Defender Case.

The Case...

Initial impressions of the Defender – like all OtterBox products, the case comes in a standard package, bundled with the normal warranty booklet, a belt clip and the case itself.


Past the packaging, the case is fitted quite firmly into the belt clip, and releases with a reassuring amount of friction. Once the case is removed, it can initially be confusing on how to separate the rubber outer later from the plastic frame.


Once installed though, the case fits very solidly around the phone. The flaps that cover the headphone jack, charging port and mute switch are all very solid. The only small issues I noticed was that the rubber around the charging port flap did wear rather quickly initially, but it didn’t wear down and awful lot.

The Close Up...

The in built screen protector was a pleasant surprise. Working in telco, I apply numerous screen protectors on a daily basis, and the ability to have a screen protector built into a solid protective case is an undeniable asset. The “membrane” that covers the Touch ID sensor/home button doesn’t interfere with the operation of a thumb print unlock, but it does leave some residue around the Touch ID sensor after you remove the case. Again, a very small issue with the case.


Unlike most screen protectors, the Defender’s requires a bit more of a purposeful touch than your regular plastic or glass screen protector, at least in my experience, but it seems to be a small proportion that require a slightly more forceful touch. Wether this is due to small inconsistencies with the foam that cushions the back of the phone or the thickness of the screen protector itself, but it definitely isn’t a deal breaker.

With a case that covers the majority of the phone’s surface, there is the question of any possible interference of the case on the device’s functionality. Thankfully OtterBox has had several generations of Defenders to develop an ideal layout, leaving access to all the key parts of the device’s hardware. The only impact experienced with phone functionality was reduced sunlight legibility in direct light. Increasing the screen brightness did remedy this to a satisfactory level, but that can place additional strain on the battery usage, so it is a bit of a trade off.


In terms of the actual effectiveness of the case in its main purpose of protection against drops and shocks – I’m not normally in the habit of dropping phones, but for testing, I did a few basic drops from about 1 metre onto both hard and soft surfaces. There was also an incident where my phone went flipping out of my hand over a metre in front of me onto concrete. In all incidents, there was no obvious physical damage to the case, and the phone was unmarked in all respects.

I also talked to several customers about their experiences with the Defender on their personal units, the majority were quite pleased with their overall experience, and most being tradies/outdoorsy appreciated the confidence that the case gave them.


Overall, the Defender is a high quality product for those who need the additional protection over a standard slip on or lower profile protective case, while not needing or being worried about any water resistance.