Introducing the best Windows Phone experience ever. Enjoy typing by swiping with Word Flow, the fastest keyboard around. See all of your chats, social updates and settings with just one swipe in the all-new Action Center. And make your start screen distinctly your own by adding a background photo to see your real-time Live Tiles come to life more than ever before.


  • Display size: 4.5 ''

  • Display technology: ClearBlack, IPS LCD 

  • Display resolution: FWVGA (854 x 480) 

  • Touch screen technology: Capacitive Multipoint-Touch 


Posted by Jason McIsaac

I have been an Android user for the past 3 years and never thought that I would ever covert to a Windows Phone (again) and it being a Nokia, well that is what I have recently done.


Now to set the record straight I'm not new to the Windows experience and had my first Windows Mobile device the PPC-6600 (Harrier) which was running WM2003, I also had a Dell AximX51v which was an awesome PDA. I finally went up in the Windows OS with the pruchase of the PPC-6700 (Apache) in fact I used this name for my online Avatar PPCApache.


Since then I have had a nightmare 9 months with an iPhone 3G, and then went back to Windows Mobile with the HTC HD2 running WM6.5, this device didn't get the update to WM7 which was the final straw that broke the camels back and I jumped over to Android, since then I have used the Dell Streak (5" Screen), Samsung Note, GS3, Note 2, GS4, Note 3 and even the new GS5, now all of those but the orignal Note was a work device, I have since left the company and had to get a device that was cheap and yet was a smartphone and had access to word.


Now what would fit this option, a Windows Phone of course now which one? The Lumia 520? Lumia 630? Well I went for the 630 for the following reasons


  • 4.5" Screen

  • Windows Phone 8.1 (Nokia Cyan)

  • Word, Excel

  • Email and Internet


I wasn't to worried that it was only 3G, and that the camera was 5MP and had no flash, I just didn't find those features to be of high importance to me at this stage as I just needed a phone to get work and people to call me back on.

The Lumia 630...

The first thing I found a bit of a weird thing was the power button is under the volume controls? I am so used to the Samsung Galaxy devices with the Volume controls on the left side and the power button on the right side closer to the top, now after using my 630 for over a week I can see why it is like that, it is some much easier to press the button one handed, I can reach up with my thunb to wake the 630 up.

At the bottom of the 630 you will find the MicroUSB charinging port,

The speaker is located at the back of the 630 and in my view is very loud, for me I think it is louder than some of the Android devices I used.

As I mentioned above the Camera of the is only 5MP and has no flash, for some this might be a deal breaker but for me it wasn't, this device was going to be my short term smartphone and once I get another job I will be looking at either the Lumia 1520 or Lumia 930 and both have a great camera and flash.

The back of the Lumia 630 is very smooth and for some may find it to slippery and therefore may need to look at a case for the 630 if you feel like you will have butter fingers. I must admit that I like the 630 with out a case on it it feels good in my hands.

The headphone jack is at the top and is set to the left of the device, this is pretty much trending most smartphone designs, however the 930 and 1520 have it centred in the middle which will take some time for people to get used to it being there.

My Final Thoughts...

So I have been using the Lumia 630 now for over the last week and found the following features to be a winner for me.


  • Integrated Word, Excel

  • Outlook access

  • Live Tiles on the Home Screen

  • Easy navigation

  • Great looking UI

  • Fast and smooth

  • OneNote syncing

  • Intergrated Contacts Hub


I must admit that I now have the WP8.1 bug and looking at my next WP smartphone I was looking at either the 1520 or the 930, I think I will most likely go for the 930 as it has 8.1 installed and it has a 5" screen, I think I can live with the No SD card support and Glance I haven't used as it is not available on the 630 so no issue, the 930 is around the same price as the 1520 outright if bought now as the 1520 has come down to $744 at Harvey Norman.


Who can or should use the Nokia Lumia 630, well in my view anyone from a Simplicity user to a Mum and even to the Business Professional as the Outlook/Exchange, Word and Excel features will be a huge benefit, if the hole family uses a WP8 phone then the Family Hub will be a huge benefit shopping lists can be add so if you needed to get an item just update the OneNote Shopping list and the other person will see it a won’t forget it, same with integrated Calendar for the family, never miss your daughters dance or your sons sporting event.


I have also given my phone to my Wife, oldest son who is 13 and my daughter who is 11 to get their impressions and they all found they loved the look, feel and the large 4.5" screen, they also liked the fact you can customise the screen to different tiles and background colours, my kids like it some much they are doing extra jobs around the house to get one this year, will be looking at the Vodafone pre-paid version for $149.00 AU.


Hope you liked this review, if you are after a Lumia 630 then visit Vodafone for locked version or Dick Smith and Allphones for an unlocked one, if you need 4G then you may want to look for the Lumia 635.