Liquid Co Essentialist Wallet


ESSENTIALS ONLY - Featuring two slots to carry your essential items which you can select from our range of accessories including USBs, bottle openers, LED light (coming soon), refillable ink pen (coming soon) or you could even hold your keys!

SECURE - Comfortably holds 6 cards. The precisely measured premium elastic strap ensures your cards and cash are held firmly in place. Even a single card on its own won't slip from rigorous shaking. Being machined from aluminium 6061, the wallet offers RFID shield to protect your credit cards.

ADD MORE - Car remotes, key fobs, pendants or other accessories can be attached to the key ring attachment. Don't need it? You can easily hide the key ring attachment inside the Essentialist Wallet by flipping it around.



Fits keys/accessories with a hole diameter of 4mm+ 
Length: 94mm
Width: 60mm
Height: 14mm
Weight: 92grams (without keys)
Material: Aluminum grade 6061


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Featuring two slots to carry your essential items which you can select from our range of accessories including USBs, bottle openers, LED light (coming soon), refillable ink pen (coming soon) or you could even hold you keys.

1x Essentialist Wallet
1x Premium Elastic Strap
1x Key ring Attachment
4x Gold Brass Screws + 1x extra
4x Black Screws + 1x extra
1x Plastic coin (used to loosen/tighten screws)

Posted by Jason McIsaac

I have been using a leather wallet that I got from my wife quite a few years back for my birthday, I was asked by a fellow EDCer why was I still carrying around a "Dad" wallet and not one of minimalistic wallets?


I had been looking on the web and came across the “Essentialist Wallet” by Liquid Co.  It was a different style than I was used to and was excitied to see how it would work in my every day use.  One of the main reason for me not going for one of the minimalistic wallets is I do occasionally have coins on me and need a place to carry them, but thought why not and was happy to give the Essentialist Wallet a go.

First impressions: I always like professional looking packaging it shows that the company takes pride in their product and want the best for their customers. 

Received my Orbitkey packages

Essentialist Wallet Assembly...

Liquid Co has this awesome video showing off the Esstentialist Wallet and how it works.

Here is another video from KeySmart showing how to setup your KeySmart.

What is in my Essentialist Wallet

So what did I want to use in my new Essentialist Wallet other than the Cards?


I finally decided to go with a Key Style 8GB Thumb Drive and a Spare key. I already have this key on my KeySmart but liked the idea that I can have a spare one with my Wallet. Installation was in fact very easy, the only thing I had to do on the spare key was ad two spacers that I had to give a bit more hieght so that it matched the same height of the Thumb Drive and not make the spare key loose.


Ready to install keys and attachments to the Orbitkey

Part of the kit that comes with the Essentialist Wallet is a small plastic coin that is used to undo or tighten the screws on the Wallet.


The ability to have this small plastic coin in the box means I don't have to find a screw driver or use my Leatherman Surge and possibly scratch the screws and tarnish the look of the Wallet.

You can see a plastic key in the photo this is a Spacer key so that the Wallet is balanced if you don't have anything to put there.

Now I went with the Black Essentialist Wallet but you can also get a Gold one to.


The Wallet comes with the Gold Brass screws installed, however if you are like me and like the all Black Tacticool look then there are a set of Black screws plus one extra spare one. 


This is a step in the right direction as it gives more options back to the consumer to have the Wallet look how theyu want it. 

A great part of the Wallet is the Laynard adaptor can be left out or turned around back into the wallet, I went with the latter as I wanted to use it just as a Wallet as my car key and house keys are on KeySmart. 

When I first started using the Essentialist Wallet I had my Driver’s License at the front but found it only just touched the bottom of the Wallet and felt it might slip out, I fixed this by moving the Debt car to the top as the raised letters was the issue and pushing Driver’s License up, it now sits flat.

The Essentialist Wallet fits nicley in my hand and feels good, the weight is actully not to heavy in my personal view.

Here is the Essentialist Wallet next to my old "Dad's" Wallet, and at the top is my Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 more for a size comparison.

Another shot of my Leather Wallet at the top and the Green Wallet is Recycled Firefighter Wallet and the Essentialist Wallet.

I think the Essentialist Wallet looks so slick and professional 

Showing off the Orbitkey



Here is one of my Setups I posted on instagram, looks very professional looking and just goes with all my other gear.





In this Pocket Dump you can se that I have moved my debt card to the front as I stated above.

How Did It Go...?



Liquid Co Accessories 


I was surprised how easy it was to use and at first thought that I would have to take all the cards out and then find the one that I needed, I had setup the Essentialist Wallet with my three main cards on the top so that they just slide out.


I also found that I liked the material and it felt comfortable in my pocket be it my Hard Yakka Cargo Pants or Levi Jeans


Would I recommed the Liquid Co Essentialist Wallet, Yes I would, some might look at the price and say it is a bit on the high side, but most wallets now a days are around that mark anyway and I don't think think they would last as long as this one.




* Small size

* Excellent build quality

* Two colours - Black and Gold

* Add-on accessories - Thumb Drive and Bottle opener, plus more

RFID shield to protect your credit cards.

* Key Ring attachment 




* Price

* Elastic band could get caught may wear away for over uses

* Only 6 cards