Kinfire WF-502 LED Torch



Brand: Kinfire
Model: WF-502
Emitter Type: Other
Total Emitter: 1 x Cree R2
Feature: Lightweight, Pocket Clip
Function: Fishing, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Exploring, Hiking, Household Use, Walking, Seeking Survival, Night Riding
Battery Type: 18650
Battery Quantity: 1 x 18650 Battery (included)
Mode: 3 (High > Low > Strobe)
Focus: No
Rechargeable: No

Posted by Jason McIsaac

I have been looking for another torch for my car to replace the Monarch 6 I was carrying and also wanted one that had a Strobe and/or SOS setting. I also didn't want to spend a lot of money as I really wanted to test if the size and overall use of this torch would fit my needs to see if I then went for a larger one or more expensive version like a Fenix or Nitecore.


The KinFire was sent by and was shipped from the Netherlands, I live in Western Australia and it took around 4 weeks to get to me, now that was with FREE postage and for me I don't mind it taking some time to get to me if I don't have to pay for International Postage which is the biggest issue of Australian's and New Zealander's who shop on-line for goods overseas, most of the shipping costs I have seen for the USA is around the $52 AUD and even up above the $140 AUD, and if the items you have bought are under the shipping costs then it doesn't make it viable.


Below is also a quick video I shot on my Samsung GS5 showing off the Kinfire WF-502, sorry about the movement in the video.

The KinFire arrived from the Netherland's, and found the pack had the torch, Battery (18650) and Battery Charger. The only issue I had was the Charger's connecter is for the US not AUstralia so I will need to get either a AC US to AU adaptor which would be around the $15 AUD or find a store that will sell the 18650 battery, they don't sell them in store's so would have to order via the Web and prices start around the $20 AUD mark. Would have been nice to have had a interchangeable power adapter.

Here is the 18650 battery, would be great to get my hands on a 2400mAh or 3100 mAh battery for this torch so that the run time would be longer, but in saying that this is my car torch so the use will be minimal, so the 1500mAh battery the KniFire came with should do the job very well. The end cap easily unscrews to get access to the battery and tightens on very well.

I am all about the product doing what it is designed for; however it's got to be practical and look good in my books and for me anything in black looks great and also professional. The WF-502 ticks all those boxes - it looks great, feels very good in the hand with nice weight and the 5 settings are also bright and easy to move to

Another thing that I liked about the KinFire WF-502 is the shape of the crown of the lense and how it looks, wither you think it has a tactical look or not, it just looks mean and surpisingly durable, time will tell.

The Tail Cap click system is easy to use and doesn't need a lot of pressure to change from Low-Mid-Hi-Strobe-SOS just a quick tap to the Click button. The only thing is that the KinFire starts on High when powered on so is very bright, this would be a small inconvenience at home if I was just getting a drink of water in the middle of the night very bright, were as my Fenix E12 starts at the Low setting. As I stated before this troch is for my Car so starting on High is fine and in fact would be better off.

I was surprised that for the size of the torch it came with a Pocket/Belt Clip, I have tried this on my belt and it fitted well and wasn't in the way or uncomfortable Pocket carry was also very comfortable, this would be good if camping or even for security personally that wanted a solid high out put torch.

Now I have pretty large hands, however the KinFire fitted perfectly and felt very solid I used the torch a number of times at night and checking on the back yard to check on the storm we had the other night it lit up the backyard very well. In the photo I have it in my left hand, I am right handed and use many of my torches in this grip as it gives me more of a natural feel and if I need to I could possibly use it as a Kubotan.

Ok so here is the size Comparison, from left to right - KinFire WF-502, Monarch 6 (my old car torch), Fenix E12 (Current EDC torch) and my LED Lenser K2 (Key-Chain back up Torch).

Now this is part of my Emergency Car Kit, the LM Z-Rex, BG Gerber Scout and now the KinFire WF-502.


I know many of you EDC enthusists will say "Man why did you go for such a cheap torch in stead of a Fenix, UltraFire or even a Nitecore?" Well for me it was all about ROI - Return on Investment, this was going to be for my car and a backup to my Fenix E12 so I was happy to get a cheaper torch and I just didn't know if the size and shape would fit my usage that I had in mind.


Now in saying that the KinFire is a great torch for MY purposes and I think many of you out there will also be happy with this torch in fact it might mean you buy 3 or 4 of them and have them dotted around the house or given to friends and family members.