Tough meets extra lightweight in these cotton duck weave shorts with more features than a Swiss Army Knife and the build quality to boot. With features the Legends range is renowned for, the breathable duck weave cotton is silicon washed for a soft feel that disguises its strength and tear-resistance.


These legendary shorts feature triple stitching throughout and double-strength pre-shrunk Cordura® nylon patches in critical areas to ensure resilience to even the hardest wearing tradie.


Functional as well as tough you have extra-wide belt loops and 13 pockets include phone, ruler and pencil pocket, flip-out gadget pocket on the waistband and a reinforced hip pocket lining meaning pliers, screw drivers or accessories won't tear straight through. These are the ultimate shorts for staying cool in hot, tough conditions.

Posted by Jason McIsaac

I recently bought myself some really cheap cargo pants and found them to be very lacking, so while looking for some new work pants I found some great looking and I found out later very versatile and loads of carry options.

I got the Khaki coloured pants as my wife wanted me to get a different colour other than Black.
At first I didn't think I would like the colour but now I am thinking about about getting some pants for winter in the Khaki colour, I also like some of the Hard Yakka Boots also.


Front View of the Cargo Shorts.

The front pocket is large and deep, so will cater for large amount of objects and functions from Leather Wallets, Pocket Carry sheaths. I carry my Key-Chain EDC in the front Left pocket, and the Bottom pockets have my Ontario Rat M2 and Fenix E12.

I carry my Skinth L-Shield on my Belt over the weekends, I may also carry my Skinth Magnum. In the Front right pocket I carry my Leather Wallet. I must say that the Shorts are comfortable and no real movement.

I love the fact it has a large Fob Pocket at the top and it is pretty much hidden. Nice close up.

I also love that is has a another Fob pocket that is in side the shorts and you can have spare cash, car keys or house keys hidden away from prying eyes.

Back view of the Shorts.

Nice large pockets at the back, again deep and easy to get into the pockets. Also NO velcro.

On the right side the it has some Tradie Pockets for Pencils or Other tools, I found that my Ontario Rat M2 fitted nicley.


So what did I think about the Legends Extra Light Cotton Duck Weave Short Well I want to get some more this time in Black just to give me some more options, I also want to look at getting some of the Pants in the same Khaki Colour.