"Cleanstylus Surface is a stylus holder for the Microsoft Surface 3. It’s reusable adhesive technology attaches securely to your Surface allowing you to be productive. The Cleanstylus Surface can be used on the right or left corner. You can alternate back and forth without leaving a residue on your Surface. Slide Stylus into the clip and it is securely fastened allowing you to put your Surface in your carrying bag or even your backpack. While using your Surface, you can choose to snap the stylus into the clip allowing you quick and easy access to your stylus."

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Posted by Jason McIsaac

Almost a month plus ago I bought myself a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (SP3), now the first thing I noticed is that there was no real place to store the Stylus that comes with the Surface Pro 3. If you were like me and bought the Type Cover then it comes with a small loop attachment that can stick to the Type Cover or the SP3 itself. For some this is just not an option with the can't afford the Type Cover or they just find it a silly option, most will look at getting a Neropean sleeve and storing the Stylus in one of the pockets. Bare inmind that the Stylus that comes with the SP3 is around $59.99 here is Australia so you really don't want to loose it.


Here is my Review of the CleanStylus, I have been assisted by a mate of mine who also has a Surface Pro 3 and doesn't use a case like me so he has taken it for a full road test, more later.

CleanStylus Arrived

Received the CleanStylus here in Perth, Western Australia all the way from the USA. Was pretty impressed with the time frame as it can take up to over 3 weeks for things to get to use and that is even from the Eastern States (NSW, VIC etc..).

I was very impressed with the packaging, it is very solid which protects it in transit. It also looks very professional and clean looking.

Introducing the CleanStylus 

Thanks to Cleanint here is a Video they have done showing the CleanStylus in action, it's a simple design and well thought out.

First Impressions

I must say that the CleanStylus didn't disappoint it lived up to what was advertised and more, what got me was that it is such a simple idea to an issue that most Surface Pro 3 users find, what to do with the Stylus and how do I carry it. Here is a video that I have done outlining some of my impressions of the CleanStylus.


NOTE: I stated in the Video Review below (4mins 18sec) that the CleanStylus may scratch your Stylus, I have checked with another Surface Pro 3 user who tested this also for me and he didn't have the same issue as I showed in the video, it now looks like there may have been some residue on either my Stylus or the CleanStylus at the time of the Video Review and was transferred, hence the markings on my Stylus which cleaned off later, so make sure you clean your Stylus and also check the CleanStylus regularly for dirt.

CleanStylus Installing

The installing of the CleanStylus is very easy and strainght forward - except when I was trying to install it on the video as I had it around the wrong way the first time, but got there in the ending.

Using the CleanStylus 

There are two ways to use the CleanStylus, the first is to Snap click in the Stylus this enables the user to take it out and use it on the fly, but when you want to store it in a more secure way you slide the Stylus into the CleanStylus and push the Stylus down with the clip facing up so that it goes past the little nob at the end, I found this was very secure and wouldn't move.

The back of the CleanStylus actually covers a large area and comes with a double sided tape to allow you to secure it to the back of the Surface Pro 3.

Further Testing

I asked my mate/neighbour to test the CleanStylus as he also has a Surface Pro 3 but no case, to see how he went with it read his findings below.

Matt's Use of CleanStylus 

Posted by Matt

Ideal for artists, note takers and stylus proponents alike, the Cleanstylus pen holder by Cleanint is an excellent addition to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.


Due to inexplicable design choices, Microsoft has been seemingly unable to provide an elegant solution for attaching the Surface pen to the current model tablet. In previous iterations of the Surface Pro, owners were able to fasten the included stylus to the body of the tablet by utilising the magnetic charging interface.


Until recently however, Surface Pro 3 owners had been relegated to using the self-adhesive Pen Loop Stylus Holder affixed awkwardly to a Touch / Type Cover or to the body of the unit. This approach is inherently flawed, as the stylus inevitably snags on any and all surrounding objects leading to a frustrating experience. Additionally, the holder was previously only available as an included accessory with the purchase of a cover.


This has all changed with the introduction of the Cleanstylus Surface Pro accessory developed by Texas based Cleanint.


The Cleanstylus pen holder is a polished solution, perfect for securing the Surface Pro 3 stylus to the tablet. Essentially a plastic clip, it attaches securely to the Surface and features a reusable adhesive strip, allowing it to be repositioned as required. The clip can be installed on either the left or right upper-most corners, when observing the Surface in landscape orientation, without restricting ventilation or access to buttons and ports.


Installing the clip on the top left corner allows for the stylus to be secured vertically, while the stylus is held in a horizontal position when installing the clip on the right. The stylus is then inserted into the clip and is secured alongside the unit, vastly reducing the frequency of irritating snags.


Unfortunately, given the rigidity of the construction, use of the Cleanstylus Surface Pro accessory is not possible once a protective case has been installed, due to the extra width added to the unit. Hopefully this is a complication that Cleanint will be able to overcome, possibly by integrating the clip into a protective case design of their own.


Regardless, considering the unmatched industrial design of the Surface Pro 3, many users will opt not to install a protective case, preferring the ability to behold the unit in all of its machined glory. For these users the Cleanstylus Surface Pro accessory is without rival and is well worth the $19.99 USD.

My Conclusion

Would I recommend the CleanSylus, YES I would, as it would suit any person that currently has a Surface Pro 3 be it a Student, Business Professional, Grandparent or a General User. This is a simple yet very effective way to store your Stylus for your Surface Pro 3 and at $19.95 USD it is pretty much a bargin and the range of colours will match most Type Covers on the market. Check out some more photo's below of the CleanStylus and check out their webiste by click the Visit Cleanint button.

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